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RECIPE: Bacon Vodka & BLT Bloody Mary

Bacon vodka makes a BLT Bloody Mary.
Photo courtesy Bull And Bear Bar Chicago.

Sure, there will be egg nog and Champagne on New Year’s Eve. But what about that sexy signature cocktail?

There’s still time for you to make a bottle of bacon vodka and treat everyone to Bacon Bloody Marys. And we actually have two different recipes!

  • The first, which is a bit tricky (lettuce foam, for example), is a molecular gastronomy take on a B.L.T. Bloody Mary from the Hotel Jerome in Aspen.
  • The second recipe, which can be made by anyone who can cook bacon, is from Bloody Mary specialist Greg Tooke of

Either way, your Bacon Bloody Mary will be a blast!

Check out the history of the Bloody Mary.

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