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TIP OF THE DAY: Be A Smart Cookie

Did you know that different types of cookie sheets produce different baking results? Your recipes will turn out better with the right cookie sheet.

Shiny aluminum or stainless steel cookie sheets result in delicate, evenly browned cookies.

Nonstick cookie sheets make cookies easy to remove, but the dark finish may cause the cookies to brown more quickly. That’s why manufacturers generally suggest lowering the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

Dark aluminum sheets have an almost black finish that can absorb heat and cause the bottoms of the cookies to brown more quickly. Watch carefully: You may have to lower the temperature and bake for a shorter time.

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Insulated cookie sheets were created to make it harder to burn the recipe for meringues, lace cookies and other delicate baked goods. An air layer between the sheet and the top baking surface insulates the dough from intense heat. But it’s also harder to get something crisp—like crispy cookies or focaccia—and they may cause some cookie dough to spread. Don’t use them if you want your baked goods to brown much on the bottom.

For ideal baking results, you need to be a smart cookie and match your recipe to the cookie sheet.

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