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CHEESE: Rolf Beeler, Cheese Rock Star

Only a few consumers know the name Rolf Beeler. But among lovers of the finest Swiss cheeses, he is a rock star.

Beeler is a Swiss affineur (ah-fee-NUHR), an expert in aging cheeses, and a maître fromagier, or master cheesemonger. A cheesemonger is a vendor of cheese; but he can’t sell it until the affineur ages it to perfection under precise conditions.

Beeler specializes in sourcing the best raw milk cheeses in Switzerland, made by small, artisanal cheesemakers. He then takes over the aging process, and sells the cheeses under the Rolf Beeler label. “Sélection Rolf Beeler” is the gold standard in Swiss cheese. (Note that there’s a world of Swiss cheese beyond the familiar Emmentaler with its big eyes (holes).

Cheese lovers the world over thank Rolf Beeler for his efforts to protect and promote the small cheesmakers, artisans who are too busy crafting great cheese to promote themselves.


Prattigauer is a washed-rind raw cow’s milk
cheese—intensely robust, nutty and rich.
Photo courtesy

The finest cheese stores carry Rolf Beeler cheeses; or you can purchase them online at, which currently carries seven different Beeler cheeses. Since the cheeses are made in small quantities, you won’t find them everywhere.

Taste Rolf Beeler’s Emmentaler, a multi-award-winner that is so much more complex and mouthwatering than any Emmentaler you’ve had before. The Toggenburger, his best raw milk Appenzeller, is another award winner that must be tasted. And we love the Hoch Y Brig. But then, all Beeler cheeses must be tasted!

Beeler urges you to try Sbrinz, a cheese that rivals Parmigiano-Reggiano—but, as Beeler says, “It has the more complex flavor and is less salty.” According to Beeler, the Italians used to transport the large wheels of Sbrinz over the Alps to Italy. They got tired of transporting the wheels and just copied the Sbrinz recipe. “Thus,” Beeler says, “the Parmigiano was born.”

To find a Beeler retailer near you, contact the U.S. importer, Quality Cheese Inc.:

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