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TIP OF THE DAY: Lavender Iced Tea

There’s nothing more elegant than a glass of lavender iced tea. Add a 1/2 cup of culinary lavender (grown without pesticides) to 2-3 quarts of brewed tea. When the tea cools, strain out the lavender. (If you have one or two large spice infusion balls, use them to hold the lavender buds and you won’t need to strain.) Lavender tea is delicious hot as well. If you’re making a single cup of hot tea, add a half teaspoon of buds to the cup (if you use a tea bag, you can use a tea infuser spoon or other tea strainer to strain the buds; if you use loose tea, just toss them in). We love lavender with black tea, but it’s equally delicious with green and white teas.

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