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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Anthony Grace Collection Chocolat Blanc

We sprinkled some lavender buds atop this cup of lavender white hot chocolate, but it’s perfect in its ungarnished form. Photo by Danielle Cuevas | THE NIBBLE.


The founders of the Anthony Grace Collection were on a mission to elevate hot cocoa into an elegant drink. They succeeded beyond even our wildest dreams: Their white hot chocolate beverages were our very favorite product among the thousands we tasted at the 2008 Summer Fancy Food Show.

Amazingly, company founders Sharissa Fox and Angela Marruffo and had no prior culinary experience: Both are healthcare professionals (and the parents, respectively, of Anthony and Grace).

We would have expected these exceptional white hot chocolate beverages to come from the world’s finest chocolatiers or most innovative chefs, not from two young working moms. Brava, ladies!

Shaving white chocolate from Callebaut of Belgium, the pair have created five irresistible flavors:

  • Bitter White, a blend of white and bittersweet chocolates
  • Indian Kari, an amazing marriage of white chocolate and curry
  • Star Anise, with cinnamon and cloves
  • Taiga, redolent of lavender and a hint of juniper berry
  • Zingiber, ginger with wasabi and lemongrass
    Leave your preconceived notions at the door—you must have all five. For a memorable dessert, serve these hot chocolates as a flight in demitasse cups.

    The economy may be uncertain, but this is guaranteed excitement for $17.00 per 10-ounce container. Dream of a white Christmas (or Chanukah or Kwaanza), but turn dreams into reality with an affordable indulgence of white hot chocolate from the Anthony Grace Collection.

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    2016 UPDATE

    The company appears to be closed. The website,, no longer connects. We thank the creators for introducing us to the wonderful world of flavored white chocolate: We’ll be chopping up white chocolate bars to make our own.


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