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Elephant Tea Gift Canister With Earl Grey Tea For Mother’s Day

Here’s a lovely tea gift from Williamson Tea: a metal tea canister beautifully designed with an elephant decked out in paisley. Inside: 40 premium Earl Grey teabags.

The tea is grown exclusively on Williamson’s Kaimosi tea farm in Kenya. The farm sits beside the Kakamega Forest, a subtropical rainforest.

This fresh, bright, and fragrant black tea blend is scented naturally with Earl Grey’s signature bergamot oranges.

Elephant tea caddies are a signature item of Williamson Tea, Kenyan tea farmers who grow some of the most sustainable, high–quality liquoring* teas in the world.

There are currently 16 different tea caddy designs (alas, currently shipping only to the U.K.).

But this pink caddy (photo #1), availablein the U.S. Mark T. Wendell Tea Co., is a great pick for Mother’s Day.

Make a tea lover happy with this beautiful paisley elephant tea caddy, containing 40 tea bags. After the initial tea bags are gone, the canister can be filled infinitely.

Get your Elephant Tea GIft Canister at MarkTWendell.com.

Since 1904, Mark T. Wendell Tea Co. has focused on luxury tea blends. They sell more than 100 tea blends, plus tea accessories and tea gifts.

Take a look at all of them while you’re on the website.


*Tea liquor is the liquid created by steeping tea leaves in water—i.e., it’s the brewed tea. But to tea connoisseurs, it’s more than that. Similar to evaluating the color, density, and other visual aspects of wine, experts look at the brewed tea for its noticeable hues, texture/viscosity, and other features that distinguish a particular type of tea.

There is no alcohol in tea liquor. Rather, the name was conferred long ago to acknowledge that brewed tea is no longer a cup of water; chemically it has changed. It has developed depth, fragrance, color, taste, aftertaste, and other appeals to the senses.

The liquor begins at the moment the tea leaves begin to infuse the water and continues to develop until the tea is fully steeped.


Elephant Tea Canister With Earl Grey Tea
[1] The elephant tea canister remains a permanent gift for tea or other storage. It’s nice enough to decorate other parts of the home, too (photo © Mark D. Wendell Tea Company).

Earl Grey Loose Tea Leaves
[2] Earl Grey tea leaves. The elephant canister packs the loose tea into tea bags (photo © Fava Tea).






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