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GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCT: Pamela’s Sprouted Grain Pancake Mixes

Gluten-free reporter Georgi Page-Smith tries sprouted-grain pancakes from Pamela’s.

I was fortunate enough to receive the full suite of Pamela’s sprouted grain pancake mixes for review, including 6 Grain, Buckwheat, Buttermilk, Non-Dairy, Grain-Free and Protein varieties.

Sprouted grains have gotten more attention recently for their lower levels of carbohydrates and increased levels of protein and nutrients, including vitamin C, folate and minerals like iron.

While initially a bit skeptical about what to expect from the taste and texture of these ultra-healthy alternative mixes, I was pleasantly surprised. Kudos to Pamela’s for not resting on their plentiful laurels.

My sampling commenced with the Buckwheat mix, because in my very slim book buckwheat is the king of flours. Typically hearty, nutty and virtuous-tasting, it is my go-to in many forms: hot cereals, pancakes, waffles and cookies.

Again, Pamela’s did not disappoint. The expectation for these mixes, based on their sprouted grain origins, might be that they will be “grainy,” dense or extremely fibrous. This is simply not true.

The flavor as well as texture is very light and refined with a rich, full, well-rounded flavor. Pamela’s Buckwheat pancakes were also delightfully fluffy. For extra fluff you can separate your whites and egg yolks as I did, whipping the whites into stiff peaks before folding in; but it’s probably not necessary.

On two separate occasions I attempted to adapt the Pamela’s mixes for use in a waffle iron. With the Buttermilk mix the waffles were tasty, but a bit floppy. The flavor of the mix was nevertheless delicious and should not disappoint classic pancake fans.

The 6 Grain mix was similarly not my ideal waffle texture-wise, when I strictly followed the recipe on the box.

However, when I substituted half of the oil in the recipe with butter, and half of the water called for with almond milk and a little extra liquid (I used orange juice and for thrills also added grated orange zest and chopped pecans) for a runnier consistency…I got the waffle of my dreams!

Crispy on the outside, tender and flavorful on the inside the waffles were perfect, the flavor only enhanced by the virtue of eating a sprouted grain. They are also sturdy enough to freeze for later toasting for a breakfast on-the-go, that still allows you to revel in waffle delight before facing the day.

  Buckwheat Pancakes
[1] Buckwheat pancakes (photo M. Kucova | IST).

Pamela's Buckwheat Pancake Mix

[2] The author’s favorite: Buckwheat pancake mix (photo © Pamela’s Products).

I highly recommend Pamela’s sprouted grains mixes for gluten-free and gluten-tolerant pancake and waffle fans: The whole family can enjoy them.

With Pamela’s, I can say with confidence that it’s worth trying the whole range to find the one that suits you best.

Pamela’s products are available at most large grocery chains nationwide, at e-tailers, on the Pamela’s Products website.

—Georgi Page-Smith

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