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GIFT OF THE DAY: Beautiful Chocolates From John & Kira’s

Friends know that a box of chocolates (make that three boxes) from John & Kira’s is one of our favorite gifts.

These chocolatiers from Philadelphia not only make some of the best artisan chocolate in the country; they have what we think is the best packaging. The thick boutique boxes covered in fine paper and finished with a letterpress tag. are so beautiful, we give them continued life as containers in our drawers and closets.
Ganache & Caramel & Figs: Oh My!

Since they first opened their doors with their now-classic box of Valrhona chocolate ganache bonbons—each ganache infused with real herbs and spices into fresh cream—they have been the talk of the [chocolate] town.

There are now dozens of items waiting to be discovered, from the sophisticated to the whimsically delicious (ganache-filled Ladybug Medly and red Lovebugs, yellow and black Honey Caramel Bees and the multicolored Magical Mushrooms (three different flavors of caramel).

Their caramels are as special as the ganaches (in fact, can we order a gallon of the caramel, please?).
Give A Fig!

The most special item for us—because you can’t find them made elsewhere in the U.S.—are John & Kira’s tender, mouth-watering Calabacita fig confections.

The figs are grown on a small organic family farm in Spain. Because the fig harvest is once a year, these are limited-edition items. We look forward to them each fall.

There are two options.

  • Drunken Chocolate Figs. The dried figs are filled with a silky smooth, whiskey-infused chocolate ganache, then hand-dipped in 62% dark chocolate.
  • Pumpkin Figs. After they’re filled with the whiskey ganache, the figs enrobed in white chocolate, hand-painted in the color of pumpkins, or autumn leaves.
    Enjoy Seasonal Classics

    The Winter Forest Trio has different motifs with three fillings:

  • Under the mountain peaks, a crunchy hazelnut-almond praline center.
  • Under the snowflakes, a refreshing white chocolate mint ganache.
  • Under the stars, dark chocolate ganache with a touch of vanilla.
    But there are no wrong choices here…except failing to order enough!

    Get yours at

      Chocolate Dipped Figs

    Chocolate Covered Fig Pumpkins

    John & Kira's Winter Chocolates
    [1] Tender imported Spanish figs are filled with chocolate-whiskey ganache and partially dipped in chocolate. Delicious as is or with a Cognac! [2] The same lovely figs, completely enrobed in chocolate and hand-painted as pumpkins. [3] The Winter Forest Trio (all photos courtesy John & Kira’s.

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