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PRODUCT: R.W. Knudsen Nature’s Peak Juices

One of our favorite juice producers, R.W. Knudsen, is offering another way to eat more veggies—or in this case, drink more veggies.

The 100% juice blends are 50:50 fruit juice and vegetable juice from concentrate or purée. But the flavor profiles lean toward the sweet, so no veggie-hater need know.

An eight-ounce glass contains 100 to 120 calories.

The blends include:

  • Berry Veggie Blend, including apple, beet, blackberry, purple carrot, raspberry, strawberry and sweet potato
  • Orchard Veggie Blend, including apple, carrot, kiwi, pear, spinach and sweet potato
  • Tropical Veggie Blend, including banana, carrot, mango, pineapple and sweet potato

  • Drink them straight.
  • Add them to smoothies or sparklers.
  •   knudsen-natures-peak
    Nature’s Peak juices are half fruit, half
    veggies. From left to right: Berry, Orchard and Tropical Veggie Blends. Photo courtesy R.W. Knudsen.
  • Make cocktails (add gin, tequila or vodka and an optional celery stick).
  • Use them as a base for fruit soup, salad dressing or sauces.
  • Make ice pops, yogurt pops or sorbet.
    And feel good that you’re sneaking more veggies into your diet.


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