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GIFT OF THE DAY: Original Moonshine, Delicious & Fun

This glass jug holds some mighty tasty
moonshine. Photo courtesy Stillhouse

  Moonshine, a clear, unaged corn whiskey, has been produced in still houses in the hills of the southern U.S. since the country was settled.

Moonshine was an illegal product: The “moonshiners” who made it not only avoided paying state and federal taxes on their hooch, but they had no license to produce it in the first place.

The product got its name because it was made in the light of the moon—late at night, away from prying eyes.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t the purest product—and some people actually went blind from bad hooch. But that didn’t stop others who were thirsting for a drink.

Now, this most downscale of drinks has been given the star treatment by the manufacturers of Original Moonshine. Made from “100% estate-grown corn” in Culpeper, Virginia, it’s charcoal-filtered four times for the highest purity, quality, and smooth taste—in a Prohibition-era copper pot still.

It’s made in the same authentic tradition that moonshine has been made for hundreds of years. It’s all-natural, gluten-free, and 80-proof.

In a beautiful glass jug—definitely a keeper for serving other beverages—Original Moonshine has the subtle aroma and sweet flavor of corn. And it delivers a novelty factor like nothing else we’ve seen in a while.

You can use Original Moonshine in any cocktail, but we enjoy ours Clampett-style: neat from the jug. Yes, we’ve even taken a swig from the jug—while wearing Armani, not overalls. Welcome to the new age of moonshine.

Kick back with a jug as you watch The Beverly Hillbillies—or Deliverance.

Original Moonshine makes a memorable gift for about $35.00. It can be purchased online.
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