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COOKING VIDEO: Hibiscus Punch

  Hibiscus is a popular ingredient in Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Mexico. It’s used in beverages, salads, side dishes and desserts, among other things. It’s way overdue to break out in the U.S.

Along with our Top Pick Of The Week—hibiscus iced tea—try this hibiscus punch, known in Egypt as karkadé (pronounced kar-kah-DAY).

It couldn’t be easier to make the punch. If you can boil water, strain out the hibiscus leaves and add sugar, you’re there.

This recipe in the video doesn’t contain alcohol—Islam, the state religion of Egypt, doesn’t permit alcohol.

You can enjoy it as is, add your favorite white spirit (gin, vodka or tequila, for example), or substitute ginger ale for the alcohol.

  • Watch the video and see how quickly you can whip up an innovative (to Americans) hibiscus punch.
  • Make a saké hibiscus punch by adapting one of these saké punch recipes, or make the hibiscus punch recipe below (beneath the video).


  • 3 quarts water
  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger, finely sliced
  • 1-1/2 cups dried hibiscus flowers*
  • 1-1/2 cups sugar
  • Juice from one large lime
  • Optional: 1 cup alcohol (gin, vodka or tequila)
  • Optional: Lime wedges for garnish
    *Look for them at Latin or Caribbean markets. Also called roselle, flor de Jamaica and red sorrel, among other names. You can also buy it in an affordable bulk size online.

    1. Bring water and ginger to a boil. Remove from heat and add hibiscus flowers.
    2. Slowly stir in sugar until it has dissolved. Let steep 15 minutes.
    3. Strain into a large pot or a gallon pitcher. Add lime juice and set aside to cool.
    4. Refrigerate. When ready to serve, transfer to a pitcher. Serve over ice.

    NIBBLE TIP: You can make ice cubes from some of the punch, so the ice doesn’t dilute the drink.

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