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PRODUCT: Code Blue “Recovery” Drink

Code Blue! Stat! Photo courtesy Code Blue.

After a tiring workout, a long night out or an exhausting trip, do you ever feel like a “code blue?”

That’s the term used by hospitals for patients requiring immediate resuscitation. And it’s also the name of a sports drink—or “recovery drink,” as the makers of Code Blue have cleverly named it.

Many drinks can supply hydration, but Code Blue promises essential fluids and nutrients that replenish and revive.

To revitalize muscles, it claims three times the electrolyte level of the leading sports drink and twice as many vitamins and minerals. It contains additional detoxifiers, replenishers and inflammation-reducers that leading brands don’t have.

If you tried Code Blue in its first incarnation, the original product—a cross between a sports drink and a hangover relief product—has been reformulated. Low-glycemic agave nectar is the new sweetener, the can is the cool, eight-ounce size and the graphics and blue color of the drink are sleek.

Code Blue tastes to us like pineapple with a hit of vanilla—but it’s definitely in the category an energy drink, not an enhanced pineapple juice drink. An eight-ounce can is 60 calories. The only caveat is that its 375mg of sodium is 15% of one’s Daily Value.

And the pet peeve is that the Nutrition Facts panel claims that each little can contains 1.5 servings—a game played by manufacturers to keep the per-serving counts down for marketing purposes.

Has anyone ever drunk a partial can (or eaten 2/3 of a granola bar, or other fraction of what looks like a single-serve portion)? Manufacturers of America: Get real!


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