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PRODUCT: Original Saratoga Chips

Like potato chips? You’ll love Original Saratoga Chips and the story behind them. Saratoga Chips were the original potato chip—created by an ornery cook in a fit of pique when a diner at the Saratoga Springs, New York resort where he worked sent back his fried potatoes as “too thick.” The cook, George Crum, did an “I’ll give him thin potatoes, all right!” and sliced the potatoes paper-thin, frying them in oil until they were crunchy. But surprise: The customer loved them and as history knows, so did everybody else.

The chips were then marketed as Saratoga Chips and were sold through the 1920s, when brands like Lay’s and Wise and strong regional brands gained ascendancy and Saratoga Chips faded into obscurity. Until now. Two entrepreneurs have revived the brand and carefully researched the recipe and technique. And they’re delicious! Beautiully boxed, they make great gifts as well. There’s even a petite 1.5-ounce size for stocking stuffers or party favors.


The original potato chip has been reborn, and
it’s delicious. Photo by Hannah Kaminsky |

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