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NEWS: Nibble Website Attacked

It’s been a tough week at THE NIBBLE. Our website was attacked by Russian hackers and shut town for more than two days. Anyone going to saw only a red box that proclaiming REPORTED ATTACK SITE and advised prospective site visitors that, “ has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked…Attack sites try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system…..” Your choice was to “Ignore This Warning” or “Get Me Out Of Here.”

Although we were able to remove the Trojan horses bestowed upon us by these talented computer types with too much time on their hands, was down for so long because, after your site is cleaned up, you have to re-apply to Google to reinstate the site as safe and remove the warning.

In terms of why there are people in the world who get their kicks from damaging the property and livelihood of people they don’t even know…we recall from Psych 101 that it has something to do with not getting love and respect as a child. Treat your children well.


Horrors! No one could visit for
two days…except those willing to forge past this warning page.

Thank goodness, we didn’t dive into a few dozen fudge cakes, but consoled ourselves Atkins-style with an entire black truffle salami and about $200 worth of other smashing salami and sausage from Creminelli Fine Meats of Seattle (see post below). Boy, did we deserve it!
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