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PRODUCT: Dr. Kracker Culinary Crisps

The doctor is in… with some new flavors! We’ve been curing what ailed our snacking taste buds since 2005, when we first discovered Dr. Kracker’s organic crackers and flatbreads. The company has recently launched Culinary Crisps: crunchy squares of Apple Crisps, Cherry Semolina Crisps, Fire Roasted Crisps and Hummus Maximus Crisps. Diagnosis? Delicious!

Dr. Kracker starts with organic whole wheat or spelt; then adds organic flax, sunflower, sesame and/or pumpkin seeds. But because it was asked for more “foodie” flavors, the company added additional ingredients to create the new Culinary Crisps line. Each serving of bite-size crisps delivers the delectable flavors of toasted seeds, plus 21g or more whole grains per serving (of your daily 48g requirement).

  • The Hummus Maximus Crisps are inspired by a classic hummus recipe. They have a light chickpea flavor and just enough coriander to give our taste buds a swift, yet delicious, kick.
  • The Fire Roasted Crisps aren’t as spicy as their name may sound because they’re infused with just a hint of chile and black sesame seeds. The prevailing flavor is tomato with a light kick of spice.

Snack idea: Hummus Maximus Crisps with red pepper hummus. Photo by Emily Chang | THE NIBBLE.

  • For a sweet tooth, Apple Crisps are made with dried apples, brown sugar and a touch of vanilla. They were a favorite among some tasters.
  • But although we like all of the flavors, the winner is Dr. Kracker’s Cherry Semolina Crisps, with dried sour cherries that give a sweet-tart bite to balance out the golden semolina and touch of fennel.
  • Though the crackers add a zing to any soups, dips, or cheeses they’re paired with, they’re just as satisfying when eaten by themselves. Keep a box at work for a healthy snack. But even with all the good prognoses, there’s still a major downside to these cartons of square treasures: Something like this would never last in our desk for very long!

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