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PRODUCT: Tequila For Father’s Day

Looking for a Father’s Day gift? How about a fine tequila? The best are made from 100% agave juice (the other kind, “mixtos” are mixed with cane sugar). They are distilled into:

  • (1) blancos (“whites”), which are not aged, although some are colored gold with caramel to make them look aged, and are known as joven abocado or oro
  • (2) reposados (“rested”), which are aged for two to nine months, and
  • (3) añejos (“olds”), which are aged from 18 months for up to 4 (some up to 5) years.


Margaritas are made with mixtos or blancos; reposados and añejos are enjoyed straight for their oaky, complex qualities. Many añejos are aged in old cognac or bourbon casks, and pick up some flavors from the barrels. Someone who enjoys a fine scotch or bourbon would appreciate an añejo. Herradura Seleccion Suprema Muy Añejo Tequila is considered one of the world’s great spirits. El Tesoro de Don Felipe Paradiso Añejo Tequila is also top-ranked. They can cost upwards of $125. In the $50 range, and almost as good, look for Espolon Añejo Tequila and El Diamante del Cielo Añejo Tequila. Serve fine tequila in a snifter—no salt, no lime. By the way, the spiky agave plant, from which tequila is made, is not a cactus—it’s a member of the lily family!


The mellow color of an añejo tequila. Añejos should be sipped straight like a fine Scotch; blancos are for Margaritas.

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