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GOURMET GIVEAWAY: Win Mrs. Field’s Hot Cocoa

Given the cold spell that has settled over much of the country, it’s appropriate that this week’s Gourmet Giveaway is hot cocoa. Four one-pound cans of Mrs. Field’s Hot Cocoa could be yours, just by answering a few trivia questions about cocoa (you don’t have to answer correctly to win). Each reusable can makes twelve 6-ounce cups or 6 large mugs of steaming cocoa. if you’re the winner, you can invite friends over for cocoa klatsch. When they ask what they can bring, tell them: cookies! Then, you can test them on the same trivia questions you answered, and award the winner one of your four cans. Enter here. If you’re a trivia lover, all of the quizzes from our prior Gourmet Giveaways are available for your recreational pleasure. There’s no longer a prize attached…but the fun factoids you’ll pick up taking the quizzes are a nice reward.   Mrs. Fields Gourmet Cocoa
You could win four of these captivating (and reusable) cans of cocoa.
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