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TIP OF THE DAY: 10 New Ways To Use Pomegranate Seeds (Arils)

Yesterday was National Pomegranate Day. It’s pomegranate season.

There’s nothing quite like those tart, ruby-hued seeds that spill forth from their crimson shell, bursting with tang and brightening up your mouth like drops of sunshine.

Beyond healthy snacking and dazzling garnishes, there’s more versatility to this fruit than you may think.

It’s easy to add pizzazz to your dishes with pomegranate seeds. See how we’ve used them in:

  • Condiments & Decor: Try Pomegranate Bowls, Pomegranate Gastrique, Pomegranate Marinade and Pomegranate Relish.
  • Snacks: Take a bite of Rustic Pomegranate Wedges, Pomegranate Trail Mix and Yogurt-Dipped Pomegranate Seeds.
  • Other Recipes: Glamorize with Pomegranate Cake Topping, Pomegranate Canapés and Pomegranate Salad Topper.
    Get the recipes/instructions for the 10 tips.


    Beyond a beautiful garnish, pomegranate
    seeds add splendor to condiments, snacks and other recipes. Photo courtesy PomWonderful.com.

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