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Salted Caramel Hot ChocolateSalted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Here’s the recipe. Photo courtesy Starbucks.





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Last Updated May 2018

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Hot Chocolate Mugs

Page 4 Of The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes


Dazzling Drinkware Packaging is everything: your hot chocolate will taste so much better in a gorgeous glass mug versus the same old cup you use for everything.
Mocha Mug

Imagine how nice everything above will look in these spiffy glass mugs from Anchor Hocking. The large 14-ounce capacity gives everyone a hearty serving of hot chocolate. They’re great for serving soup and other attractive beverages as well. The look is right, as is the price: six mugs for $16.62 (list price $26.38). Click here for more information.

Mocha Mug
Glass Cup with Stainless Steel Saucer

If you’d like something smaller, this beauty from Bodum has a 7-ounce capacity. The French design is oh-so-cool: the cups are clear glass, and the saucers are shiny stainless steel. They’ll also look beautiful on your dinner table serving anything from soup to sorbet. The set of six cups and saucers is $59.95, and six matching espresso cups and saucers are available for $49.95. Click here for more information.

Bodum Mezzo Passione
26. Irish Coffee Mugs

Not just for Irish coffee, these fun, footed mugs can be used for any warm beverage and even for desserts like parfaits, puddings and fruit salads. A set of six mugs is $14.95. Click here for more information.

Irish Coffee Mugs
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Grand Finale: Hot Chocolate Tasting

Here’s a fun way to entertain kids and adults alike. Get five or six different brands of cocoa, from supermarket varieties up to the best gourmet stuff. Buy color-coded paper coffee cups, and give everyone a half cup of each to taste blind. Start with the first, discuss it: likes, dislikes, overall rating. Go through each one. Let everyone rank their favorites, then reveal the what they are. Not only is the activity fun, but it helps people develop their palates and learn how to discuss food.

Cocoa-licious Reading:

Hot Chocolate History of Chocolate Chocolate: The Sweet History
Hot Chocolate, by Michael Turback. Preeminent chocolatiers from around the world contribute more than 60 recipes, including Lavender-Pistachio Hot Chocolate; Maple-Whiskey Hot Chocolate Toddy; Nutella Hot Chocolate; Malted Milk Ball Hot Chocolate; and the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate from Manhattan’s Serendipity 3. Click here for more information. The True History of Chocolate, by Sophie D. Coe and Michael D. Coe. The history of chocolate from its earliest pre-Columbian roots, its discovery by the Spanish conquistadors, to modern times. Fascinating for any chocolate lover. Click here for more information. Chocolate: The Sweet History, by Beth Kimmerle. For those just beginning to learn about chocolate, or those with a fundamental knowledge who want to solidify their learning, Kimmerle has put together a terrific primer. A NIBBLE Editor’s favorite gift book. Click here for more information.


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