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European Hot ChocolateEuropean-style hot chocolate means melting shavings, beads or disks of actual chocolate and adding boiling water or milk. That’s what you do with Recchiuti Dark Hot Chocolate Pure Chocolate Pistoles, one of the favorites you’ll read about.





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December 2006
Updated January 2018

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Some Like It Hot: Cocoa & Hot Chocolate To Part 2

Page 7: Gourmet Hot Cocoa Brands A To C


This is Page 7 of a 10-page review of hot chocolate and cocoa brands. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.


Hot Chocolate Brands A To C


Allegro Coffee Single Origin Drinking Chocolate (Columbian 53). Good “hit” of “red fruits” chocolate, not too sweet, with a definite cinnamon note, though beverage contains none of that spice. A darker brown color with a faintly chocolate, almost cinnamon aroma. Moderate amount of undissolved powder, even with repeated whisking and heating. First ingredient: dark chocolate. Entire ingredient list: dark chocolate, cocoa powder, cane sugar. Sodium content: 10 mg/serving.

Allegro Coffee Single Origin Drinking Chocolate (Peruvian 64). A medium milky brown with a milky, faintly chocolate aroma. Many undissolved chocolate flecks that don’t register on the tongue. A moderately chocolate flavor but not noteworthy. First ingredient: 64% Peruvian dark chocolate. Entire ingredient list: 64% Peruvian dark chocolate, Peruvian cocoa powder, cane sugar. Sodium content: 15 mg/serving.

The Bent Spoon Euro-Style Hot Chocolate Mix. Another entry with the thickness of a thin béchamel sauce, this hot chocolate has a moderate chocolate impact and isn’t overly sweet. If you don’t want the chocolate “hit” of a bittersweet variety, but still like your chocolate on the less-sweet side, this is one to try. A favorite. First ingredient: chocolate. Entire ingredient list: chocolate, milk powder, organic corn flour, salt. Sodium content: not listed. To purchase, e-mail the store,; they will respond with an invoice to pay via Paypal. Price: $15.00 for 16 ounces.

Cadbury Drinking ChocolateCadbury Drinking Chocolate. This was a shocker. I don’t care for Cadbury chocolate and never have, but this was a very pleasant drink, with a genuine chocolate flavor and sweetness that wasn’t overwhelming. A favorite. First ingredient: sugar. Entire ingredient list: sugar, cocoa, salt, flavoring, with 25% cocoa solids minimum. Sodium content: not listed. Darker milky brown color with a good chocolate aroma. Price: $5.99 for 9 ounces.

Caffe D’Amore Bellagio Sipping Chocolate. A very dark chocolate-colored, slightly thickened beverage with a good chocolatey aroma. Very dark but very flat/unpleasant taste, with almost a metallic aftertaste. Mix was difficult to dissolve, even with repeated whisking and heating. First ingredient: “100% pure cocoa powder” (as opposed to what?). Entire ingredient list: 100% pure cocoa powder, cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter. Sodium content: 30 mg/serving. Price: $8.75 for 9 ounces.

Chocolate Springs Serious Hot Chocolate Mix. This is a well-named product, as it Chocolate Springsproduces a darker-than-milk-chocolate beverage with an almost intense chocolate aroma and a deeply bittersweet chocolate taste. Not for chocolate beginners, but a fine choice for those who have a passion for dark chocolate. A favorite. No ingredient list, sodium content not listed. Price: $18.00 for 6 servings of 8 ounces. Read our review of Chocolate Springs chocolates.

Chocolat Moderne Midnight Oasis Hot Chocolate Blend. Light cocoa color with darker flecks of chocolate and a slight chocolate aroma. Dissolution of mix was very poor, even with repeated heating and stirring, but this may be done on purpose for visual appeal, as the chocolate flecks were not distinguishable on the tongue. Modest chocolate flavor and not too sweet. First ingredient: dark chocolate. Entire ingredient list: dark chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, spices (spices are present in some other varieties, but not in the Midnight Oasis). Sodium content: not listed. Price: $16.00 for 13 ounces. Read our full review of Chocolat Modern Chocolates, a NIBBLE TOp Pick Of The Week.

Chocolat Weiss Granules de Chocolat (Pour Le Chocolat Chaud). Beverage has a mildly chocolate aroma and darker cocoa brown color with a gentle bittersweet flavor. No ingredients or instructions. Used 3 tablespoons granules dissolved in a little boiling water and six ounces hot milk. The granules are shiny and pretty, but probably coated in a confectioners’ glaze. As a result, they were very difficult to dissolve; even after adding boiling water and heating in the microwave, not all melted smoothly. Price: $13.75 for 17.6 ounces.

Christopher Elbow Artisan Chocolate Cocoa Noir. First ingredient: dark chocolate. Christopher Elbow Hot ChocolateEntire ingredient list: dark chocolate and Tahitian vanilla bean. Sodium content: not listed. A dark chocolate color and full chocolate aroma. Another surprise. I’d tried Elbow’s chocolates before and didn’t much care for them, but this hot chocolate is the real deal. There are many undissolved flecks of chocolate, though these are not distinguishable on the tongue. This seems thicker than it is because it’s so rich. Great flavor that’s neither too sweet nor too bittersweet. A favorite. Price: $16.00 for 16 ounces. Read our complete review of Christopher Elbow Chocolates, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

Christopher Norman Rich Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate. A dark milky brown color with many undissolved flecks of chocolate and a serious, appealing chocolate aroma. The undissolved chocolate flecks don’t register on the tongue, predictably, and Christopher Normanthis is a very nice cup of semisweet hot chocolate. While not as intensely chocolatey as some others, there’s a great chocolate-sweetness balance and a good “hit” of high-quality chocolate flavor. A favorite. First ingredient: dark chocolate. Entire ingredient list: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cornstarch, cocoa powder. Sodium content: not listed. Price: $16.00 for 16 ounces.


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