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Top Pick Of The Week

H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer

These sparkling waters are infused with wine essence. The result: a delicious wine-flavored refresher with zero alcohol. See our review. See our review.



Tip Of The Day

Save Your Bread Bag Closures

You can use them for anything you buy in a plastic bag, including fruits, vegetables and snacks. Take a bite.


Today’s Food Holiday

National Lasagna Day

The origin was ancient Greece, but the modern recipe is thanks to the ancient Romans. Check it out. See all the July Food Holidays and the entire year of food holidays.


Food Fun


Ready for some adult ice pops frozen with liqueur, spirits and wine? Make a batch of Schnapsicles.

This Month’s Features


Monthly Food Holiday

National Hot Dog Month

How hot dogs are made, and the history of dogs-franks-wieners. Take a look.


Featured Glossary

Maple Syrup Glossary

The different grades of maple syrup are confusing. Do you want Light, Medium or Dark? Here’s the scoop.


Beer, Wine & Spirits

What Are Hops?

How do they impact the flavor of beer? Would you like a hoppier brew? Take a sip.

Celebrate The Season

Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month. Celebrate with a fun flavor, like Malted Milk Ball Ice Cream. Take a bite of the history of ice cream.


Food History

Coleslaw History

You love it with burgers, hot dogs and other sandwiches, but who “invented” coleslaw? Take a look.



Ways To Use Olives

Beyond the Martini: 21 ways to use olives!  Use them at any meal, breakfast to dinner, plus snacks.

Most Popular Articles


Beef Glossary

What’s the difference between a strip steak, a New York steak, a shell steak? Here are all the beef cuts. See all the food glossaries.


Pasta Glossary

What’s pillow pasta? The difference between spaghetti and linguine? Know thy pasta cuts. See all the food glossaries.


Sushi Glossary

Beyond chirashi-sushi and dragon rolls, there are many other types of sushi to discover at your next visit to the sushi bar. See all the food glossaries.

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