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PRODUCT: Grillcomb, The New BBQ Skewer

Skewer with ease with the Grillcomb. Photo courtesy Fusionbrands.

  Grill mavens can now skewer with style with the Grillcomb from Fusionbrands.

You need dexterity to thread foods dead-center onto conventional wood or metal skewers. But the Grillcomb, with its row of individual 18/8 stainless steel teeth, lets you easily slide on chunks of beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables.

When it comes time to flip, even the most delicate items turn easily without spinning. If you’ve ever watched cherry tomatoes spin and end up on the wrong side, you’ll appreciate this feature.

The grilled food easily slides off the Grillcomb onto the plate; no more burst tomatoes or smashed scallops. Plus:

  • No more soaking or splinters.
  • The handle makes marinating easy.
  • It’s safer to load than conventional skewers (so delegate to the kids).
  • And off course, it’s dishwasher safe.
    Get a set of two for intimate meals, or load up on Grillcombs for larger parties. Pick up extras for house gifts when you’re invited to a cookout.

    A set of two single serving skewers, 12 inches long, is $11.00 at


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