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TREND: The Beer Cocktail

One of our editors doesn’t care for wine: She’s strictly a beer and spirits gal.

There are many people like her. No wonder beer cocktails are on the rise.

Beer has been mixed for centuries. The Black and Tan is a mix of stout plus lager or pale ale; Shandy is a mix of beer and lemonade; the Boilermaker is beer and a shot of whiskey; the Michelada is beer with lime, salt, picante sauce and sometimes, tomato juice.

Now, Nation’s Restaurant News reports a trend in beer cocktails, mixing beer with absinthe, coffee, port and other mixers.

The photo shows a Muddy Puddle, the signature cocktail of JoeDoe in New York City.

Bourbon, iced espresso and simple syrup are shaken and poured over ice into a pilsner glass rimmed with crushed peanuts. The drink is then topped off with Sierra Nevada stout.

Other recipe ideas:


A beer cocktail with stout, bourbon, iced
espresso and simple syrup, garnished with
peanuts. Photo courtesy Nation’s Restaurant News.


  • Raspberry-tea-infused blanco tequila, ginger, lime and Modelo Especial lager, from Mayahuel in New York City
  • Pineapple-infused mezcal, lime, sugar cane and Negra Modelo dark lager in a glass with a spiced salt rim, also at Mayahuel
  • A Michelada variation with spiced honey stout (stout with port, Madeira and allspice), tomato, lime and spices, from Starbelly in San Francisco
  • Gin, Earl Grey tea-infused dry vermouth and St. Germain elderflower, topped with porter, at Alchemy in San Diego
  • Bourbon, absinthe and triple ale with grated cinnamon and nutmeg, also at Alchemy
    Call up your inner mixologist to develop your own ideas.

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