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COOKING VIDEO: The Best Way To Cut A Mango


Mangoes are luscious; mangoes are juicy. But if you don’t know how to cut them, mangoes can also be a pain.

The large, flat, oval pit runs almost the entire length of the fruit. If you’ve tried your own freestyle technique, getting around the pit may seem more trouble than it’s worth.

And forget the fancy mango cutter. It was not the solution we hoped it would be. You’ll do better with a knife.

First, watch the video and let an instructor from the famed Culinary Institute Of America show you the best way to cut a mango.

Then, try different mango recipes. The fruit works in anything from a Mango Bellini (mango purée and sparkling wine) to soups, salads, entrées and of course, heavenly mango desserts.



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