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Tuna Glossary

Page 3: Seasoned Canned Salmon

Aus-some Canned Salmon

Canned Alaskan wild salmon is similarly seasoned, in Chili, Lemon Pepper and Smoked. We have never been canned salmon fanciers—we love fresh salmon, and what we’ve seen in the canned state has been generally unappealing, suitable only for frying up in our mother’s salmon croquette recipe. But the zingy G’Day Gourmet salmons shook our minds and rattled our brains—they may convert whole generations of Americans to canned salmon. And where else can one find a tasty 99-calorie snack like the kickin’ Chili salmon (straight out of the can or with a few romaine leaves)?

  • Chili Salmon. Like the tuna, it’s flavored with chili oil and has a small chili pepper in the can. (99 calories)
  • Lemon Pepper Salmon. Very peppery and exciting. Made with lemon juice, lime, cracked pepper and spices. (145 calories)
  • Smoked Salmon. Not as in lox, but a very light smoky flavor (from natural smoke favor and spice extracts) makes this delightfully different. We enjoyed a double smoky “salmon melt” on toasted pita halves with smoked mozzarella. (115 calories)

These canned salmon wonders will make a believer of you.

  G'day Gourmet hors d'oeuvres
INSTANT HORS D’OEUVRES: Add tuna to the vegetable, cracker, or bread of your choice. Photo by Melody Lan.

Pull Tab & Enjoy: Serving Suggestions

Aussies like the grab-and-go convenience of the individual sizes and pull-tab tops. Even with a can opener, we’d enjoy these tunas and salmons again and again:

  • With a side of ripe tomatoes and sweet onions in a vinaigrette
  • Atop salad greens
  • On a sandwich or in a wrap or panini
  • Stuffed in a bell pepper
  • In lettuce cups
  • Over hot pasta, or tossed in a cold pasta salad or in a potato salad (no mayo)
  • As an hors d’oeuvre, on party bread, crackers, boiled new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, large radish or cucumber slices or endive leaves
  • As a convenience food (stash them in desk drawers, lockers, gym bags, glove compartments, anywhere you need a snack or a quick meal)

G’day Gourmet is more than nutrition: It’s a fun food, a gourmet food and a convenience food all-in-one. You can open a can anywhere—there’s no fishy smell, only the yummy scent of the seasoning.

Page 4: Tuna Types & Tuna Facts

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