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Chicken Soup Glossary: A Glossary Of The Different Types of Chicken Soup

Page 2: Soup Gift Comparison

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Add to your chicken soup gift with everything from challah, cake and chocolate to stuffed bears. Photo courtesy Grandma’s Chicken Soup.
Soup Comparison
We’re a chicken soup expert. Our grandmother and mother made great chicken soup; and we think ours is even better. So it counts when we say that both of these soups are most enjoyable, yet both lack what makes our soup great: fresh herbs. So if you receive soup as a gift, cut fresh parsley and/or dill into it (we use both).
Both are good, satisfying and welcome. Personally, we prefer the soup from Grandma’s because we don’t like salt. The larger chunks of chicken and vegetables made it more of a meal than a bowl of soup. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

  Grandma’s Chicken Soup Spoonful Of Comfort
Broth Clear, light, not salty Slightly heartier and obviously salted
Noodles Lots of curly noodles Lots of fettuccine, cut in varying lengths
Vegetables Large chunks (1") of carrots, celery, onion) Small dice of carrots and celery
Chicken Large chunks of succulent white and dark meat Large chunks of succulent white meat
Packaging Arrives in a festive outer carton, white with big orange and white bubbles (circles). Soup is in a plastic container that melted a bit when we cleaned it in the dishwasher, so we couldn’t reuse it. (It is recyclable, though.) Packing carton is plain, but there are lovely yellow polka dot grosgrain ribbon ties and handsomely-printed cards on each of the box contents. Soup is in a large, reusable glass jar.
Add-Ons Many, from challah, cake and chocolate to mugs, stuffed bears and the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” book. Six challah-like rolls and/or 6 homemade-style oatmeal cookies
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Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Spoonful Of Comfort Chicken Soup

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  • Send more of each—we were bereft when the soup was gone. They made us feel great: true comfort food.
  • Both brands of chicken soup could be enhanced with a bit of fresh parsley and/or dill.

So what’s the difference between chicken soup, chicken broth, chicken bouillon and other drinkable forms of chicken? Find out on the next page.

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