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Biscuit Recipes For National Biscuits & Gravy Day

December 14th is National Biscuits & Gravy Day. Biscuits and gravy emerged as a Southern regional dish after the Revolutionary War (1775–1783), when foodstuffs and cash were in short supply. Breakfast was the most substantial meal of the day, to fuel people for the hard work ahead. Biscuits covered in gravy made from meat drippings, and possibly bits of meat, fit the bill.

Nowadays there are different types of gravy and different types of biscuits for your consideration.

We’ve got a classic biscuits and gravy recipe for you, as well as something a bit different:

Biscuits with seafood gravy.

Check out more biscuit recipes below.. You can match a gravy or sauce with them—for example, bacon and sweet potato biscuits with blue cheese sauce, or Reuben biscuits with horseradish sauce.

> The History Of Biscuits

> The History Of Bread

> The Different Types Of Bread

  • Angel Biscuits. These lighter, fluffier biscuits are made with yeast. They rise before being baked.
  • Drop Biscuits. A wet dough is dropped from a spoon onto a baking sheet. They’re not shapely like cut-out rounds, but just as delicious.
  • Dumplings. The dumplings in the chicken and dumplings recipe are actually smaller drop biscuits. The biscuits are steamed in a pot rather than baked, and are served atop a hearty chicken stew.
  • Rolled Biscuits. Also called baking powder biscuits, the dough is rolled out, then cut into rounds, and baked.
  • Scones. Yes, scones are biscuits, even the versions that add cream and butter.
  • Shortcake. The same biscuits used for shortcake—sliced in half and topped with whipped cream and berries added—are also popular in the bread basket. Scones can be used as well.
  • Southern Buttermilk Biscuits. Loaded with butter and buttermilk, the result is rich and flaky. Baking soda is also often added to make the biscuit fluffier.
    There are numerous variations on the above. Self-rising biscuits are made with self-rising flour. Cream biscuits are made with heavy cream, Sourdough biscuits are made with sourdough starter.

    One note about American biscuits: These do not exist in the U.K.
    There, a biscuit is a cookie or a cracker. What we think of as a roll or biscuit is a scone in the U.K. Our roll is their cob. There, a bun may look like a kind of American roll, but it is sweet. A burger bun is called a bap. And so on, and so forth. Here’s a longer discussion.

  • Bacon & Sweet Potato Biscuits
  • Cheddar Chive Biscuits
  • Chipotle Cheddar Biscuits
  • Dill Biscuits With Smoked Salmon
  • Glazed Ham On A Biscuit With a Balsamic Reduction
  • Ham & Gouda Biscuits
  • Reuben Biscuits
  • Sarabeth’s Buttermilk Biscuits


    [1] Biscuits and gravy. You can make the dish more substantial by adding a slice of ham (photo © Betty Crocker).

    Fried Egg, Biscuits & Gravy
    [2] Biscuits and gravy topped with a fried egg. You can also add a slice of ham (photo © St. Louis Magazine).

    [3] Biscuits with tomato gravy. Here’s the recipe (photo © Whitney Miller | Vidalia Onions | Facebook).

    [4] A different approach Thanksgiving leftovers on a biscuit with gravy (photo © Mason Dixie Foods).



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    Mingle Mocktails, Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Any Occasion

    [1] Mingle Mocktails are available in individual cans (all photos © Mingle Mocktails).

    [2] The line is also available in 750ml bottles.

    [3] You can drink Mingle from the can, or from a cocktail glass.

    [4] The recipe for this Jingle Berry Mojito is below.


    You don’t have to be a drinker to enjoy Mingle sparkling mocktails, but for those who aren’t drinking alcohol, they are a delightful treat. The line was founded by a woman who gave up alcohol, but then felt out of place at social events when everyone else was drinking. Her line of alcohol-free mocktails lets non-drinkers feel “part of the group.”

    Often, people who aren’t “drinking” are limited to sparkling water or carbonated soft drinks. Mingle provides something festive that makes guests feel like they’re drinking something special.

    Mingle Mocktails can be turned into cocktails with the addition of gin or vodka.

    Mocktail or cocktail, you can drink Mingle from your favorite cocktail glass (photo #3), or from the stylish 12-ounce can (photo #1). There are 750ml liters to sit on the bar, or to pour into a pitcher (photo #2).

    Whether you’re giving up drinking for the night, for a week, for Dry January, impending motherhood, or as a lifestyle choice, you can be a celebrant at any event or occasion. And because it’s a holiday season…

    There’s a Jingle Berry Mojito Mocktail recipe below (photo #4).

    The flavors are sweetened with organic cane sugar and fruit juices, and include:

  • Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini
  • Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa
  • Cranberry Cosmo
  • Cucumber Melon Mojito
  • Moscow Mule
    Basically, these are popular crafted cocktails, minus the booze.

    The mocktails are:

  • All natural
  • Certified kosher by OU
  • Gluten free
  • Low calorie (60 calories per 12 ounces)
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

    Buy Mingle Mocktails for your own home, or make them a gift. You can add a greeting message in your Cart under “Order Note” section on

    Here’s the full selection.

    A partial selection is available on Amazon, Whole Foods, and other retailers/etailers. Here’s a store locator.

    There are more mocktail recipes on the company website.

  • 6 ounces Mingle Mojito
  • Optional: ¼ teaspoon fresh cucumber juice
  • 2 sprigs mint (1 sprig chopped)
  • Dash simple syrup
  • Garnish: 5-6 fresh cranberries
  • Ice

    1. POUR the Mingle Mojito into a shaker. Add the cucumber juice, 1 sprig of chopped mint, and a dash of simple syrup. Blend with a stirring spoon.

    2. ADD ice to a Tom Collins glass, and garnish with the cranberries and the second mint sprig.





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    Rhum Clement Rhum Agricole For Yourself Or Gifting

    One of our favorite experiences this year was an introduction to Rhum Clément, a premium distiller on the beautiful island of Martinique in the West Indies.

    Rhum Clément was established in 1887 when Homère Clément purchased a distillery in Le François, Martinique. There was a sugar crisis* in the Caribbean at the time, and the economy was in trouble.

    Homère Clément was a prominent member of the Martinique community and the mayor of Le François. He is believed to have been the first Black person to receive his doctorate in medicine in France, following which he returned to Martinique to work in both medicine and politics.

    His innovative thinking resulted in a unique type of rum—rhum agricole**—which helped to stabilize the island’s economy.

    Today, Martinique’s rhum agricole is considered among the finest in the world [source].
    National Rum Day is August 16th.

    Rhum agricole is not made from molasses, the byproduct of sugar refining, which is the basis of many rums. Rather, it is distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice (see photo #6 below).

    The style is common in the French islands of the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique). The historically British and Spanish islands (Barbados, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, etc.) make molasses-based rums (rum can be made anywhere, and the majority of the world’s rum is made from molasses).

    As rum connoisseurs have learned to appreciate the style of rhum agricole, production has spread across the globe, to places as far apart as Australia, Hawaii, Mauritius, Réunion, and Thailand [source].

    Compared with rums made from molasses, a typical rhum agricole yields more of the terroir† of the sugarcane juice.

    Rum lovers enjoy rhum agricole for its flavors and aromatics, often described as earthy, vegetal, grassy, and herbaceous. They also can have banana, mango, papaya and pineapple notes.

    Brazil’s national spirit, cachaça, is also distilled from sugarcane juice. Americans may be more familiar with it as the basis for the popular cocktail, the Caipirinha.

    Rhum agricole and cachaça taste similar in their unaged, “white” or “silver” versions. The difference comes in the aged spirits.

  • Rhum agricole is usually aged in American or French oak.
  • Cachaça is aged in a number of exotic hardwoods from the forests of Brazil, not known and rarely found outside the country. These unusual woods impart unique, intense flavors to the spirit.
    Here’s a deeper discussion of the differences.

    Producers of sugarcane juice rums made entirely in Martinique and meeting certain production standards are entitled under French law‡ to the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée or A.O.C., which translates to “protected designation of origin.” It tells buyers that the product conforms to the rigid standards set for it.

  • It confirms that the rum is 100% made in Martinique.
  • The A.O.C. rums are usually distilled to 70% alcohol (140 proof), and then watered down before bottling to 40%–55% A.B.V., alcohol by volume, which equates to 80–110 proof (you double the A.B.V. to get the proof).
  • The rum may be aged as few as three months, or up to a few years.
  • After three years of aging in oak barrels, an A.O.C. rhum may be called “rhum vieux,” old rum (photo #3).

    At Rhum Clément, all of the rums, both white and aged, are rhum agricole.

    Rhum Clement Agricole Blanc, the entry-level expression we enjoyed, has a 40% A.B.V., which equates to 80 proof.

    It’s a blend of several varieties of sugar cane and delivers floral and citric notes. At less than $30, it’s affordable for the home and for gifting (photo #1).

    Rhum Clément also makes another white rum, slightly mellower in flavor and higher in alcohol:

    Canne Bleue Agricole Rhum, A.B.V. 50%/100 proof. It is made from a single type of sugar cane called canne bleue (blue cane—photo #2).

    The canne bleue cane delivers an intensely aromatic juice that’s reflected in the flavor of the rum.

    Canne Bleue rum rests for more than six months in a stainless steel vat, and is slowly reduced over time with distilled volcanic spring water before bottling. It has a more mellow flavor, an A.B.V. of 50%/100 proof.

    The line includes the two white rums, six aged rums, orange shrub, and coconut liqueur. We were also privileged to taste the aged spirits, at a tasting conducted by the brand. We’re now big fans.

    See the whole line here.

    Here’s a store locator.

    Discover more at



    [1] Rhum Clement Agricole Blanc (photos © Woodland Wine Merchant).

    [2] Canne Bleue, made from a single variety of sugar cane (photos #2, #3, #4, #5 © Rhum Clément).

    [3] Rhum vieux is aged three years or more.

    [4] Select Barrel is aged in heavily charred barrels, resulting in a soft, approachable rum that mimics the flavor profiles of American whiskey.

    [5] Cachaca, Brazil’s national spirit, is made in a manner similar to rhum agricoler; but the aging technique is very different (photo © Novo Fogo).



    *When France began to make sugar from sugar beets around 1811, sugar prices dropped and the debt-ridden sugar factories in the French Caribbean could not survive solely on sugar production. That meant that much fresh cane juice was now available for fermenting and distilling into rum.

    **Agricole is French for agricultural.

    Terroir, pronounced tur-WAH, is a French agricultural term referring to the unique set of environmental factors in a specific habitat that affects a crop’s qualities. These include climate, elevation, proximity to a body of water, slant of the land, soil type, and amount of sun. These environmental characteristics give the rum, wine, cacao, or other product its character.

    ‡In 1946, the French National Assembly voted unanimously to transform Martinique from a colony of France into a départment, known in French as a Département d’outre-mer or DOM.

    [6] The sugarcane from which rum is made. The cane is pressed to release the juice inside.




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    Absolut Juice Apple Edition: Vodka With Apple Juice

    [1] Apple Hot Toddy with mini apple pie bites (photo © Hannah Kaminsky | Bittersweet Blog).

    [2] The Absolut Juice family: Apple, Pear & Elderflower, and Strawberry (photos #2 and #3 © Absolut).

    [3] An Absolut Sparkler: 1 part Absolut Juice Apple, 1 part soda, 1 part sparkling wine.

    [4] Maple syrup is a delicious addition to a toddy, substituting for the sugar that’s part of many recipes (photo © Runamok Maple, a great artisan maple syrup).

    [5] An apple ginger hot toddy. Here’s the recipe (photo © Castello USA).

    [6] Instead of apple slices, you can garnish with spices (here, a cinnamon stick and star anise). However, apple slices have a big benefit: You can eat them (photo © L’Addresse | NYC)!


    Today’s guest post is from Hannah Kaminsky of Bittersweet Blog, who introduced us to Absolut Juice Edition. Absolut Vodka didn’t include us on any announcements of the line. (Do we take umbrage? Yes, even though it isn’t yet available everywhere.)

    Absolut Juice Edition is produced and bottled, as is every bottle of Absolut Vodka, in Åhus, Sweden, a town not far from where the brand’s founder, L.O. Smith was born, in Kiaby.

    (If “Smith” doesn’t sound Swedish, he was born Lars Olsson. Later in life, he reinvented himself as L.O. Smith. He was called “The King of Spirits” because of his domination of spirits production in Stockholm during the end of the 19th century.)

    > Here’s the story of how the brand came to be.

    Absolut Juice Edition is made with Absolut Vodka, in Apple Edition, Pear & Elderflower Edition, and Strawberry Edition. They are made with real fruit juice and natural flavors† (photo #2). There is no sugar added.

    Absolut Vodka itself is made with water and winter wheat*. The water comes from a deep well in Åhus, where it’s protected from impurities. The use of fertilizers is minimized.

    Here are Hannah’s comments, which she opens by commenting on the challenge to know if spirits are vegan:

    Finding Reserve Bar spirits has been a gift! They select ONLY the best quality and clearly state what is vegan, right on the sales page.

    “Plus, I don’t even need to leave the house for delivery straight to my door; always a huge plus for avoiding holiday shopping crowds. They’ve also led me to discover new bottles I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed, like the Absolut Juice Edition of Absolut Vodka.

    “The Apple Juice variety tastes like it’s infused with real, fresh apple juice, although it’s actually flavored with a natural extract of apple with other flavors to create the desired results.

    “The Absolut website calls it ‘elegant and fresh aromas with a distinct aroma of ripened apple followed by soft floral notes, a touch of vanilla and apple cores juicy character and a well-balanced sweetness with juicy character. The rich taste of ripened apple, smooth juicy character, and a well-balanced sweetness on the palate. Fresh and fruity with juicy character on the finish.’

    “Just mixing it with seltzer is a real treat, but for a cozy, seasonal cocktail, it’s easy to take it to the next level.

    [Editor’s Note: See also the Sparkler recipe under photo #3.]

    “A hot toddy is classically made with plain hot water, but I prefer to infuse the water with chai tea, which adds subtly nuanced spices that have comforting pie filling vibes [recipe below].

    “Unlike typical mulled cider or wine, just a splash of Absolut Juice Apple Edition lends rich, juicy flavor while staying light and hydrating, rather than overwhelmingly sweet.

    On a cold winter night, nothing beats this well-balanced slow sipper.

    I’m so happy I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home to stock up again, too! I’ll just head to

    A toddy is a cocktail made with boiling water, sugar, and spices. It can be made with any alcohol— rum, vodka, whiskey, and lower-alcohol spirits like sherry.
    Ingredients Per Drink

  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 bag chai tea
  • 3-4 tablespoons Absolut Juice Apple Edition vodka
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Optional garnish: thinly sliced apple

    1. BRING the water to a boil and add the teabag. Steep for 3 – 4 minutes and discard the bag.

    2. ADD the apple vodka, lemon juice, and maple syrup. Stir with a cinnamon stick and garnish with the sliced apple, if desired. If you don’t have a cinnamon stick, use 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon or if you don’t have cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice.

  • Apple Ginger Hot Toddy
  • Hot Apple Cider Cocktail
  • Spiced Apple Cider




    *Winter wheat differs from other wheat crops. It’s sown one fall and harvested in the next one. In Sweden’s winters, it grows under the snow, which helps to develop its hard grain.

    †“Natural flavors” are extracts made from all-natural ingredients.






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    For National Have A Bagel Day, A Different Take On Bagels & Lox

    December 11th is National Have A Bagel Day. Here’s a a new take on bagels and lox, from Bluebird London’s branch in New York City.

    Located in Manhattan’s Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, Bluebird London NYC has a Café and Tea Room, Cocktail Lounge, and International Brasserie, all overlooking Central Park.

    The restaurant is a branch of the beloved restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of London. It was not named for birds, but for the record-breaking race car driven Sir Malcolm Campbell, which set the land-speed record in 1925.

    For a copycat recipe:


  • Buy or make bagel crisps (the full size version, not the cracker size bagel chips)
  • Buy cream cheese
  • Make cured salmon or gravlax, or buy thick-cut smoked salmon*
  • Garnishes: capers, dill, chopped red onion (option: you can pickle onion slices)

    1. SLICE the cream cheese into 1-inch squares. It is easier to do this if you put the block in the freezer for 15 minutes. In the Bluebird London preparation, the cream cheese was thinned and piped into the plate. If you want to pipe it, first thin it with a tablespoon of milk or cream.

    2. SLICE the salmon into 1- or 2-inch-long pieces. Arrange on a plate with the cream cheese and bagel chips.

    3. GARNISH as desired.

  • January 15th: National Bagel Day
  • February 9th: National Bagels & Lox Day
  • July 26th: National Bagelfest Day
  • December 11th: National Have A Bagel Day

  • Bagel Buffet
  • Beautiful Bagel Toppings
  • Healthier Bagels
  • Homemade Bagels
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese
  • Red Caviar Bagel
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese
  • Sweet & Crunchy Cream Cheese Spread
  • Weekend Bagel Brunch Platter




    [1] “Bagels and lox” as interpreted by the Bluebird London restaurant in New York City (photos #1 and #2 © Bluebird London NYC).

    [2] A closer look. The cured salmon is cut into small squares, the cream cheese piped into rounds.

    [3] A classic bagel and lox (smoked salmon) platter (photo © Good Eggs).


    *If you purchase smoked salmon at a store where it is custom-sliced at the fish counter, tell the lox slicer that you want to serve it in thick squares, about 1/8″ thick.

    †You can quick-pickle vegetables in an hour. Here’s how.




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