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RECIPES: Fall Lamb Recipes

Cranberry-Marinated Rack Of Lamb is a wonderful
fall and holiday dish.
Lamb is delicious year-round, but this special recipe collection uses seasonal accents—cranberries, wild rice, maple and apple, for example—to give these delicious cuts some fall flair.

Cranberry-Marinated Rack Of Lamb With Almond Wild Rice
Guinness-Roasted Leg Of Lamb
Maple And Apple Braised Lamb Shoulder Chops
Thai-Curried Lamb Shanks With Cilantro Rice

To learn more about the different cuts of lamb, visit our Lamb Glossary.

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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Scarpetta Spreads & Dips

In Italian, “fare la scarpetta” means to mop up the sauce from a plate of food with a piece of bread. It is the highest compliment one can pay to a home cook.

It won’t be hard to “fare la scarpetta” with this charming line of spreads and dips from Sauces n Love, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week for their superb pasta sauces. Amid all of that not-so-good-for-you holiday food, these vegetable purées are healthy (veggies, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt), versatile (as a dip, sauce, spread, general condiment or garnish) and easy (open the jar, spoon it out). For those with food restrictions, they’re vegan, gluten free, low sodium and have no added sugar.

The five authentic Italian recipes include Artichoke & Olive, Asparagus, Olive & Almond, Red Pepper & Eggplant and Spicy Red Pepper. Read more about them, and about how we used them to create more flavorful and glamorous food almost instantly, in the full review.

Spoon me, dip me, spread me on a sandwich,
swirl me in a risotto or bowl of pasta.

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  This is Lager Week, so invite your friends to a magnificent beer and food pairing beer dinner. Start with some overall beer and food pairing tips. Then an appetizer of:

Spicy Steamed Mussels, paired with an American sour wheat or farmhouse ale.

-For the fish course, Wood-Grilled Trout With Mission Fig Compound Butter is delicious with an India Pale Ale or an amber ale.

-Kebabs are always fun, and these Pear & Lamb Kebabs With Harpoon Winter Warmer-Rosemary Pan Sauce are wonderful with a seasonal winter ale like Harpoon, or a highly hopped brown ale.

-For those whose palates demand beef, Indonesian Beef Rendang, spiced with ginger, tumeric and coriander, calls out for Spiced ale or imperial brown ale.

-Now for that lager. The Cheese Course offers a wealth of choices that pair with lagers.

-But there’s still dessert—heavenly Vermont Maple Syrup- and Porter-Poached Apples. What beer to drink with it? Porter, of course!

We plan to serve this dinner on New Year’s Eve. See the many different types of beer in THE NIBBLE’s Beer Glossary—you can print it out, cut up the definitions, and turn it into a game, and every time someone can’t correctly define one of the beer terms, he or she doesn’t get to take another sip!

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CONTEST: Your Party Recipe Or Tip Could Win $400 In Gourmet Food

Enter your best party recipe by 4 p.m. P.T. on Tuesday, December 16, and you could win a $400 gift certificate to, an online resource for the country’s finest gourmet foods (and yes, imported ones, too). Use it to throw a holiday party, or to stock your larder with truffles, fine spices, artisan oils and vinegars, exotic meats and game, or our favorite ravioli from Nuovo Pasta, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week (filled with everything from lobster to short ribs—read our review).

Just go to, click the Blog link at the top of the page, and enter your recipe or tip on the blog. The $400 winner and two runners up, who will receive $50 gift certificates, will be selected on Wednesday, December 17. Blog visitors will then vote for the winners from December 17 to Sunday, December 21; winners will be announced on Monday, December 22.

From the top: Portabella & Asiago Ravioli,
Gorgonzola & Sundried Tomato Girasole and
Roasted Vegetable Pansotti from Nuovo Pasta,
available on

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RECIPES: Exciting Recipes With Cheese

Buttermilk Blue Cheese ice cream with a poached
pear is one of our favorite desserts—it’s thrilling.
  You can compose an entire dinner of cheese dishes, from appetizer to dessert, as we’ve done here, inspired by our visits to the famous Parisian restaurant Androuet. There, the menu consists entirely of cheese dishes (onion soup with Saint-Nectaire, fried Camembert, ravioli de chèvre, Roquefort tart, Issau Iraty raclette and dozens more) or plates of cheese (you can select from more than 100 types). Here are eight recipes, popular in America, that have been developed with cheese by master chefs across the country for the award-winning cheesemaker Roth Käse, of Wisconsin. The recipes incorporate seasonal ingredients and flourishes, but most can be enjoyed year-round.

Creamy Artichoke Dip With Gorgonzola & Fontiago
Poached Pears On Frisée With Macadamia Crusted Buttermilk Bleu Affinée
Mexican-Style Chicken Soup With Queso Fresco
Tartlette Of Rofumo, Prosciutto, Pears & Arugula
Pork With Fontina, Prosciutto & Sundried Tomato Sauce
Gruyère Soufflé With Endive & Apple Salad
Sweet Potato Risotto With Fontina
Buttermilk Blue Ice Cream With Poached Pears

Learn more about cheese by skimming through our Cheese Glossary.

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