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TIP OF THE DAY: Practice “Safe Meat”

You probably practice “safe meat” in the kitchen.

You’ve heard for years how important it is not to use the same cutting boards, utensils and plates for other foods that you use when preparing raw poultry, pork and other raw meats. You know to avoid cross-contamination.

But what happens when you leave the structure of the kitchen and head outdoors to the grill?

It’s easy for unsafe practices to transpire beyond the safety of the kitchen.

Just plan ahead and you’ll find that it’s almost as easy to practice “safe meat” when cooking outside.

Photo by Matt Moser | SXC.

Here’s a tip to circumvent a big cross-contamination point and make cooking and serving more convenient:

Cover a plate, platter or tray with plastic wrap to carry the raw meat to the grill. After the meat is on the fire, throw away the plastic wrap. Use the clean plate to carry food back to the table.


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