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NEWS: The “New York City” Coffee Cup

The ceramic version of New York’s iconic
paper coffee cup. Photo courtesy

The creator of the iconic New York City paper coffee cup died last week. His obituary made the front page of The New York Times.

A long retired executive, Leslie Buck was 87. But almost a half-century ago, in 1963, the sales manager for the Sherri Cup Company of Kensington, Connecticut, designed the Anthora paper cup (an erroneous reference to the Greek amphora vase).

Mr. Buck’s company wanted a piece of New York’s hot-cup market. Since many of New York City’s diners were owned by Greeks, he designed a cup with classic Greek elements, using the colors of the Greek flag. Although he had no formal art training, he executed the design himself.

While the photo depicts the front/back design, the sides have a drawing of an amphora, a two-handled ceramic vase with a long, narrow neck. (Imitators replaced the amphora with fluted columns and discus throwers.)

The front and back design features steaming coffee cups and faux-Grecian lettering in gold, bearing a welcoming phrase seldom heard from the lips of those who served the coffee: We Are Happy To Serve You.

It was an instant success with diner and coffee shop owners.

Since then, hundreds of millions of cups have held the take-out coffee and tea of many in need of a hot beverage and some caffeine. You can purchase a ceramic version of the “NYC Coffee Cup” for $13.95.


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