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PRODUCT: Sweet Heat–Mrs. Renfro’s Fruit Salsas

There exists a fine balance between sweet and savory—too much of one and the other falls short. For those who like sweet salsa, Mrs. Renfro’s Gourmet Salsas deserve your attention. All natural, there isn’t one ingredient on the label that wouldn’t come straight from your refrigerator or pantry. Rather than dominate the flavor palette, the fruit notes in these salsas amplify the vegetable flavors and cut through the heat. The consistency is on the thick side, perfect for clinging to a tortilla chip, blanketing a bland meat like chicken or blending with yogurt or sour cream for an instant, creamy crudité dip or spread.

Tequila adds a piquant bite to mellow, sweet pineapple. The subtle tang of fresh lime juice and a mounting heat towards the finish make for an excellent overall flavor.


Mrs. Renfro’s Pineapple Salsa.

If you’re at all a fan of fresh, ripe pineapple, this is the Holy Grail of salsa for you. As proven by the popular “Hawaiian” pizza, tomato and pineapple make a delicious couple. With juicy chunks of sweet-and-tangy fruit in every bite, you barely notice Mrs. Renfro’s signature hot finish.

Many products claiming to be pomegranate-flavored end up tasting like anything but. Not so with this salsa. The fruit shines clearly through the rich, smoky chipotle without so much as a peep from artificial flavoring. The lingering sweet-hot afterburn will have you immediately reaching for another chip.

The verdict: we’re more than likely to dip into these again!

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