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PRODUCT: The Better Vegetable Steamer

William Bounds, one of our favorite kitchenware and spice companies, has invented the better veggie steamer. It solves the problem we’ve always had with the standard variety: how to remove the hot steamer from the pot, and how to stop those little metal feet from scratching our cookware. The silicone stay-cool telescoping handle is heat resistant to 600°F, and the silicone feet never scratch.

The steamer is dishwasher safe and $13.00 at William Bounds also makes lovely pepper mills and salt mills (to grind sea salt).


The “better” vegetable steamer has a cool
silicone handle and no-scratch silicone feet.

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TIP OF THE DAY: Best Onion Tip

June 22 is Onion Rings Day (yes, there’s an official holiday for every food). If you’re ready to start cutting onions today or any day, try this tip: Put onions in the freezer for 15 minutes before you chop them. This helps reduce the spray of culprit onion oils that vaporize and sting your eyes when you cut into the onion.

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  • Learn about the different types of onions.
  • Check out our recipe for Beer-Battered Onion Rings.
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    RECIPES: Five Course Strawberry Dinner Party


    This “strawberry napoleon” is the perfect
    end to an all-strawberry menu at your
    strawberry dinner party. Photos courtesy
    California Strawberry Commission.

    When most people think of strawberries they think of jams, ice cream, and shortcake. But, strawberry recipes span much more than confections; you can create an entire dinner from them. We’ve done just that with the help of the California Strawberry Commission. After you’ve taken a bite from the recipes below, you’ll find many more at

    From pre-dinner drinks, to a Syrah glaze for a pork entrée that will have you licking your chops, give these recipes a try.

    On the menu:

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    FOOD HOLIDAY: National Asparagus Month

    We lunched with one of our locavore friends yesterday. She lives in the country and benefits from the bounty of  neighboring farmers. We envied her. Don’t, she said—we’re eating asparagus daily and are about to scream!

    We can’t imagine that—to us, asparagus is a luxury that we can afford it. We wait impatiently all year long for the April-June window of fresh asparagus, spending the rest of the year with jars and jars of Tillen Farms Pickled Asparagus. Steaming up fresh stalks to al dente, so tasty they don’t even require butter (but maybe a dip of seasoned salt, like this week’s Top Pick Fusion flavored sea salts or our favorite imported saffron salt from Casina Rossa) is a dieter’s delight—or at least, it enables us to offset all that fat with hefty portions of cheese).

    Now, while the delicious stalk is back and in its prime, grown locally and affordable, take advantage. Steam ‘em and eat ‘em plain, toss in pasta with butter, or try:

    Celebrate National Asparagus Month with delicious asparagus crostini.

    Asparagus Crostini Recipe

    Grilled Salmon With Asparagus Recipe

    Linguine With Asparagus Recipe

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    RECIPES: A Time to Grill

    Turns out there is no such thing as Grill Season. Serious grillers and so-called barbecue-tionists use their grills all year round, according to a recent survey by The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association. Still, when the rains pass and the weather gets warm, we find ourselves drawn out of doors…into the streets…and, inevitably, toward the wafting smell of charcoal. Click here for a round-up of 15 grill recipes that recently won a place in Crisco’s Cooking Spray Hall of Fame. Recipes include Pineapple Ribs, a Grilled Sweet Potato Salad, and Cardamom-Scented Tropical Fruit Skewers. Grill away– but don’t be too surprised to find a NIBBLE editor wandering up your driveway.

    -Recipes: The Grilling Hall of Fame.
    -Master the basics of barbecue with our comprehensive BBQ Guide.

    Grilled Avocado Shrimp Boats.

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