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TIP OF THE DAY: National Cupcake Day & Cupcake Recipes

Chocolate Cupcake

A chocolate cupcake from Divvies, a line that is allergen-free.


Today is National Cupcake Day, so enjoy a cupcake—in fact, make some with a chocolate “surprise.”

  • Make your favorite cupcake batter.
  • Fill the cupcake liner halfway with batter, then insert a piece of chocolate from your favorite gourmet chocolate bar (the size should be equivalent to a miniature-sized chocolate bar, about 1″ x 3/4″).
  • Then top off the cup 2/3 to 3/4 of the way with batter and bake as instructed. The chocolate bar will melt during the baking process.
  • After you ice the cupcakes, you can add another piece of chocolate to decorate the top.
    We like to make a chocolate cupcake recipe and using a spicy “Aztec” chocolate bar, like Jacques Torres’ Wicked Way Bar.

    Or, enjoy this recipe for vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.



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    TIP OF THE DAY: Bloody Mary Bar

    When planning a holiday cocktail party, consider a Bloody Mary bar with everything from Virgin Marys to variations like the Bloody Bull (beef bouillon), Blood Mariner (clam juice), Danish Mary (aquavit instead of vodka, plus dill), Highland Mary (with Scotch) and Russian Mary (with yogurt). Or, try a Bloody Maria (tequila instead of vodka) or a Chipotle Maria. In addition to being highly popular, the red color is seasonal, along with the green garnishes of celery stalks and rosemary sprigs. See the sea of Bloody Mary recipes, plus the history of the Bloody Mary (contrary to legend, it wasn’t invented at Harry’s Bar in Paris). You can find more seasonal recipes in the Cocktails Section of THE NIBBLE online magazine.   Bloody Mary
    This Bloody Mary is all dressed up for the holidays with Morton’s Seasoned Salt, a shrimp, a cucumber slice, grape tomato and the familiar celery stalk.

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    TIP OF THE DAY: Gadget Gifts

    If you have a favorite kitchen gadget, give it as a gift. It may seem small, but if it does a big job, the recipient will be grateful to have it (our friends were thrilled to get those inexpensive garlic-peeler tubes). To make it a more important gift, package it with the food it’s meant to help—e.g., the garlic peeler with imported French garlic or a silicone barbecue brush with gourmet barbecue sauce. Click here to see some of our favorite gadgets…and some of our favorite barbecue sauces…in THE NIBBLE online magazine. For more gift ideas, see our Gift-Finder section. By the way, the Blender Bottle, shown in the photo at the right, has proven to be a godsend in making scrambled eggs, pancakes, diet shakes from powdered packages and anything else that needs to be fluffed or dissolved. It’s the best $8.99 we’ve ever spent!   Blender BottleWe couldn’t live without our Blender Bottle. Read the review.

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    Cocoa RimmerThe same rimmers used for chocolate martinis can be used for cocoa.   December 12th is National Cocoa Day. Take your presentation to the next level with cocoa rimmers, which add an extra touch of flavor and a festive look to the cup. There are rimmers just for cocoa, but cocktail rimmers for chocolate martinis, espresso martinis, peppermintinis and orange blossoms are essentially the same product. Or, make your own rimmers by grinding peppermint, chocolate or coffee hard candies to a fine gravel. You can mix the flavors or keep them separate. Then, just moisten the rim of the cup or mug with water (use a wet paper towel to get an even application), dip it on a plate of rimmer powder to coat, add the cocoa and serve. Yes, you certainly can top it with whipped cream and sprinkles! See more nifty cocoa ideas, guaranteed to make yours the go-to house for cocoa. Also, read the difference between cocoa and hot chocolate.

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