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FREE: 5/12 Is Free Cone Day At Häagen-Dazs


Yours free on Tuesday, May 12th. Photo
courtesy Häagen-Dazs.


Tuesday, May 12th is Free Cone Day at participating Häagen-Dazs shops, from 4-8 pm local time.

It’s a standard* size sugar cone or cake cone or small cup with your choice of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet in a cup, sugar cone or cake cone.

Here’s your chance to try two of H-D’s new artisan flavors (also available at the grocer’s):

  • Chocolate Caramelized Oat ice cream
  • Banana Rum Jam ice cream

    With flavors developed by American food artisans, the new collection includes:

  • Applewood Smoked Caramel Almond
  • Banana Rum Jam
  • Ginger Molasses Cookie
  • Spiced Pecan Turtle
  • Tres Leches Brigadeiro
    Here’s more about the Artisan Collection.
    Find a participating shop near you.

    And a smart idea from H-D: Guests who want to purchase items may bypass the line of people who are waiting for free scoops.

    *H-D calls it “kiddie size.”



    DISCOUNT: 29% Off On Gourmet Produce On February 29th

    Here’s a deal you’ll only catch every four years: 29% off on the finest produce you can find, from

    Here’s your opportunity to take advantage of all the delicious products and gifts that Melissa’s has to offer—which includes a selection of fruits and vegetables that are difficult to find elsewhere.

    On Leap Day, February 29th—next Wednesday—just enter coupon code LEAP29OFF at checkout. You can start ordering at midnight on the 28th, until 11:59 on the 29th. (Shipping is not included).

    The online store has everything you can imagine in fruits and vegetables, including exotic and organic varieties.

    Take a look.

    Find more of our favorite fruits and vegetables.


    Treat yourself to Ataulfo mangoes: Of 500 different varieties, it is the “champagne” of mangoes.




    PRODUCT: Onion Dip Mix

    It’s been a long time since we made dip from a mix. Back in college, dip made from sour cream and French’s Onion Soup mix alongside chips and pretzels was all the rage.

    We were taken down memory lane recently when we received samples of Lays Dip Creations, dry seasoning mixes in Garden Onion, Country Ranch and Freshly Made Guacamole. (In some parts of the country, the products are branded as Tostitos Dip Creations.)

    The packets contain dry seasonings such as onions, garlic and a combination of herbs and spices.

    In these days of healthier eating, we’re surprised that the package directions indicate only sour cream as the base. Sure, you can buy reduced fat and nonfat sour cream.

    But we substituted 0% Fat FAGE Greek yogurt and loved the result. FOOD TIP: While fat has been called a “flavor carrier,” it actually coats the tongue and inhibits tasting the subtleties of the recipe. The less fat, the more you can taste the seasonings.


    Make a healthy, delicious lunch of yogurt-
    based onion dip and crudités. Photo courtesy


    We made a happy, healthy lunch of crudités (raw vegetables) and yogurt-based Garden Onion mix, using 0% Fat FAGE Greek Yogurt. We’re always happy when we enjoy something that is so good for us.

  • We liked the lively flavor of Garden Onion seasoning mix, and have put it on our shopping list.
  • Ranch isn’t generally one of our favorite flavors, so it wasn’t surprising that Country Ranch didn’t score well with us.
  • We’re still waiting for the avocados to ripen, so we’ll have to report back on the third flavor, Freshly Made Guacamole.
    The dips are all-natural and certified kosher by OU. They are soy free, MSG free and contain no gluten ingredients.

    Here’s a $2.00 coupon for FAGE yogurt.



    CHEESE: Piave Vecchio

    It’s Columbus Day, so let’s celebrate a great Italian cheese. Here’s a favorite cheese of professional cheese buyer and guest blogger Jeff Shearer, of Mandi Foods:

    As the long summer days turn over to the cooler nights of autumn, our food choices move away from the fresh cheeses and lighter dishes to more of the hearty cheeses, roasts and casseroles. Fall is a great time to enjoy Havarti, Gouda, Cheddar, Brie and Camembert.

    And Piave Vecchio. This hard Italian mountain cheese has a fine, rich taste and golden color—a buttery cheese that combines the flavor of Parmigiano Reggiano and farmhouse Cheddar.

    Piave Vecchio pairs well with polenta and risotto, and as a table cheese with Zinfandel, richer white wines (such as Chardonnay) and medium-weight reds such as Merlot and Pinot Noir. Beer drinkers can enjoy it with amber, nut brown or IPA ales.


    Piave Vecchio, a terrific Italian mountain
    cheese. Photo courtesy


    The cheese gets its name from the Piave River, which flows through the mountain valley in the Italian Alps where it is produced. The name means old (aged) Piave cheese. If you find one called Piave Stravecchio, it is “extra-old,” the extra aging creating a cheese that tastes like a young Parmigiano Reggiano.

    Grate it over fried polenta and soups, add it to grits or a risotto, shave it over a green salad or include it on the cheese plate.

    Piave Vecchio is a gem often hidden in the long shadow of its very famous cousin, Parmigiano Reggiano. Piave Vecchio deserves its own time in the spotlight.

  • Learn more about Piave Vecchio and get recipes.
  • Brush up your cheese know-how in our Cheese Glossary.


    HALF PRICE: New Pinkberry Watermelon Yogurt

    Through August, treat yourself to a
    watermelon Pinkberry sundae. Photo

    Adjust your schedule, Pinkberry lovers: the new summer flavor, Watermelon, debuts tomorrow. It’s made with real watermelon. And there’s a great half-price deal.

    The new sweet-and-tart treat is watermelon frozen yogurt topped with fresh watermelon purée, diced watermelon and diced cucumbers.

    If cucumbers sound strange here, they’re actually a close relative of watermelon. Both are members of the Cucurbitaceae plant family. Taste the white watermelon rind—it tastes like cucumber (and because we like cucumbers, we eat that white rind!).

    You can have it without the cucumber, of course. And you can enjoy the new flavor for half price during Watermelon Happy Hour: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily at all Pinkberry locations. During Happy Hour you can have any size and configuration of Watermelon Pinkberry (cone, swirl, side-by-side) for half price.

    You can be certain that we’ll be ready and waiting for our first serving at 5 p.m.

    Pinkberry is made from nonfat yogurt, from milk that is rBST-free. Watermelon Pinkberry will be available for eight weeks, or until supplies run out.

    It’s only here for a short time, so gather ye watermelon rosebuds while ye may. Here’s the store locator.

    Find more of our favorite frozen delights, plus recipes, in our Gourmet Ice Cream & Yogurt Section.



    GOURMET GIVEAWAY: “Spaghetti” Book By Carla Bardi

    It’s not spaghetti, but you could try to fool
    your friends! Photo by Katharine Pollak |

    We love a good joke—especially around April Fool’s Day. So when we were handed “Spaghetti” by Carla Bardi, we were wondering why someone was giving us what looked to be a spaghetti package from a supermarket shelf.

    It took us a minute to realize that it’s a spaghetti cookbook, which contains more than 130 ways to prepare a plain box of spaghetti.

    The recipes are creative and generally easy; the photos are tempting. The pasta is varied—not just spaghetti but bucatini, linguine and ziti. The gimmick is cuter-than-cute and sure to delight any home cook.

    • THE PRIZE: Two winners could cook spaghetti a different way every day for more than four months with this cookbook. While we’re a few days late for April Fool’s Day, you can still keep it in your kitchen cupboard next to actual spaghetti boxes to fool someone rooting around for pasta. Plus, it’ll be right where you need it when you’re wondering what type of pasta dish to make for dinner. Approximate Retail Value: $14.99.
    • To Enter This Gourmet Giveaway: Go to the box at the bottom of our Best Reads Section and enter your email address for the prize drawing. This contest closes on Monday, April 12th at noon, Eastern Time. Good luck! 


    GOURMET GIVEAWAY: Cooperstown Cookie Company Shortbread Cookies

    Take me out to the ball game, but forget the peanuts and Crackerjack. Instead, bring along the buttery shortbread cookies from Cooperstown Cookie Company. The rich, traditional shortbread cookies, a NIBBLE favorite shortbread (read our review), are made in the regulation size of baseballs (3″ diameter). They’re made by hand and baked in small batches, just outside of the world baseball capital of Cooperstown, New York.

    Fresh, light and fragrant with butter, these cookies melt in your mouth. They are all natural with no preservatives or additives—just flour, butter, sugar, pure vanilla extract and salt. They hit a home run with us!

    This Gourmet Giveaway prize is packaged in two tins along with tricky baseball trivia questions to try to stump baseball nuts. Perhaps a cookie is their reward?

    • THE PRIZE: One winner will enjoy a Cooperstown Cookie Company gift tower and a National Baseball Hall of Fame Collectible Tin, each containing 12 bite-sized, vanilla-flavored shortbread cookies. Take them to your next ball game or munch on them anytime you need a cookie fix. Approximate Retail Value: $31.98.

    Forget playing ball. Let’s eat some cookies!
    Photo courtesy Cooperstown Cookie Company.

    • To Enter This Gourmet Giveaway: Go to the box at the bottom of our Gourmet Cookies, Brownies & Bars Section and enter your email address for the prize drawing. This contest closes on Monday, April 12th at noon, Eastern Time. Good luck!
    • Learn more about Cooperstown Cookie Company, and find out how to enter to win the ultimate Cooperstown baseball weekend at



    GOURMET GIVEAWAY: A Grab Bag of Stonyfield Goodies

    Enter to win this grab bag of goodies! Photo courtesy Stonyfield.

    If you have yet to taste Greek yogurt, you don’t know what you’re missing. Greek yogurt is thicker, richer and creamier than European-style yogurt. Not only does it have twice the protein of regular yogurt, fewer carbs and less lactose, but it’s easier to cook with because it’s less likely to curdle when heated.

    This week’s Gourmet Giveaway winner will have 20 chances to try Greek yogurt either right out of the cup or in recipes. Stonyfield is giving away 20 vouchers good for their line of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt along with other yogurt-related goodies. (Read our review of Oikos Yogurt, which has 0% fat and is certified organic and kosher.)

    The prize allows our winner to either enjoy the Oikos line of flavors—which includes plain, blueberry, honey, strawberry and vanilla—right out of the cup, or incorporate them into recipes using Stonyfield’s cookbook and recipe collection. Plus, he or she will look good doing it if they also don the Oikos T-shirt while cooking!

    • THE PRIZE: One winner will receive vouchers good for 20 5.3-ounce cups of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt; an Oikos cooking spatula, recipe collection and T-shirt made with 100% organic cotton; and a Stonyfield yogurt cookbook—all inside a Stonyfield reusable shopping bag. Approximate retail value: Nearly $100.00.
    • To Enter This Gourmet Giveaway: Go to the box at the bottom of our Yogurt Section and enter your email address for the prize drawing. This contest closes on Monday, January 25th at noon, Eastern Time. Good luck!



    PRODUCT/COUPON: Green & Black’s Peanut Chocolate Bar

    If your favorite sweet treat includes chocolate-covered peanuts or peanut clusters, Green & Black’s has just made your life even sweeter.

    The company’s newest organic chocolate bar is a full-bodied 37% milk chocolate that enrobes crisp, caramelized peanuts. There’s a touch of sea salt for that wonderful sweet-and-salty flavor.

    For portion control, the 3.5-ounce chocolate bar is scored into squares. If you’re calorie counting, just break off two or three a day.

    • To help you go nuts over its new addition, Green & Black’s is offering a $1 off downloadable coupon at, that can be used at select retailers, including Target.



    Go nuts for caramelized peanuts and sea
    salt enrobed in 37% cacao milk chocolate.
    Photo courtesy Green & Black’s.


    GOURMET GIVEAWAY: Bot Enhanced Water


    Bot Enhanced Water is a great-tasting sweetened water without artificial sweeteners. Photo by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

    Prefer flavored water to plain old tap water? Then this week’s Gourmet Giveaway prize, Bot Enhanced Water, is right up your alley. Bot water is an all-natural, flavored water sweetened with cane sugar. It contains no preservatives, artificial colors, high-fructose corn syrup or sodium, but does quench your thirst for something sweet and refreshing. It’s perfect for folks who like sweetened water drinks, but don’t want artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

    Bot water makes it easy for adults and kids who prefer a sweet drink to drink more water. It’s made in family-friendly flavors—grape, berry, orange and lemon—with cartoon mascots to bring out the kid in all of us.

    • THE PRIZE: One winner will receive a case of Bot Enhanced Water that includes all four flavors: grape, berry, orange and lemon. Stick ’em in your bag or briefcase and never be without a great-tasting beverage.
    • To Enter This Gourmet Giveaway: Go to the box at the bottom of our Natural Soda & Energy Drinks Section and enter your email address for the prize drawing. Approximate retail value: $18.00. This contest closes on Monday, January 11th at noon, Eastern Time. Good luck!


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