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Archive for Mother’s Day

COOKING VIDEO: Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe


Who wouldn’t enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries for Mother’s Day?

They’re easy to make and delight just about everyone, as a light dessert or as gifts for the moms.

You can use your favorite chocolate (dark, milk, white or all three). You can leave the chocolate-covered berries plain or decorate them with your favorite toppings: chopped nuts, crushed toffee, granola, mini-morsels, shredded coconut or sprinkles.

For the most elegant touch, decorate with gold or silver dragées or some opalescent sanding sugar.

TIP #1: QUALITY CHOCOLATE COUNTS. Your chocolate-covered strawberries will taste better, the better the chocolate you use. We buy fine quality chocolate bars, which are very well priced at Trader Joe’s.

TIP #2: SO DO DRY STRAWBERRIES. The chocolate won’t adhere well if the berries are moist from a thorough washing. Instead of washing the strawberries under running water, pat them with a damp towel to clean; then pat them dry and let them air dry (you can also use a hairdryer on the cold setting).

Mmm…we can’t wait until Mother’s Day.




COOKING VIDEO: Make A Hat Cake For Mother’s Day


Nothing says you care like a home-baked cake. For Mother’s Day, bake Mom’s favorite recipe and decorate it to look like a brimmed hat.

It’s actually easy! You can use cake mix, as in the video, or use your own from-scratch recipe. You bake a 9″ and 8″ layers, then trim the 8″ layer to be a 6″ top layer, the “crown” of the hat.

Then, just frost and decorate. Use a piece of real ribbon around the “brim,” add a fresh flower and use and Mom’s favorite candies to decorate the hat. The recipe uses Reese’s Pieces, which look bright and sunny.

Take a look and you’ll agree: It’s a nice way to surprise Mom. It’s also a charming birthday cake.

Like to look at pretty cakes? Check out our Cake Glossary.




MOTHER’S DAY: Mama Rita Margarita Cocktail

An easy way to do something special for Mom is to serve her a cocktail created just for her.

That was the thinking of Sauza Tequila, creator of the Mama Rita Margarita.

Most moms enjoy a Margarita as well as a glass of wine, so here’s a twist that combines both.

The recipe uses agave nectar instead of sugar for a lower-glycemic (and tastier) cocktail.

The Mama Rita Margarita: A Cocktail For
Mother’s Day & Any Day

For one cocktail:

  • 1-1/2 part silver tequila
  • 1/2 part Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 1 part orange liqueur (Grand Marnier, GranGala,
    triple sec, etc.)
  • 1/2 part agave nectar
  • 1 part fresh lime juice
  • Lime wheel or peel curl for garnish
  • Ice

    The Mama Rita Margarita, a special cocktail
    for Mom. Photo courtesy Sauza Tequila.


    1. Pour all ingredients over ice in mixing glass.
    2. Shake and strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lime slice.

    Find more of our favorite cocktail recipes, including the classic Margarita and many variations.



    MOTHER’S DAY IDEAS: Gourmet Gifts

    There are just six shopping days left until Mother’s Day.

    Still stuck for a special gift idea?

    Take a look at these luscious gifts: beautiful chocolates, cakes and, for yoga moms, gingerbread cookies in yoga positions.

  • If Mom prefers her chocolate in small bites, Intemperantia Chocolate makes petite chocolate truffles in addition to regular sizes.
  • And we just love the chocolate caramel pretzels from Artisan Candies.
    For a no-calorie delicious gift, try some tea samplers and a glass teapot.

  • Healthy gifts include custom juice blends and gorgeous jars of imported Cerignola olives.
  • For the casserole-making Mom, a casserole carrier with a choice of glamorous fabric tote covers might just make her day.
    All of this is making us hungry. Time for a snack!


    No time to bake? Send Mom a flourless
    Gateau O Chocolat. Photo by River Soma |




    MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA: Sugar (Order Today For Standard Delivery)

    If you want to send a gift to your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or other favorite mom, today’s the last day you can order with standard five-day delivery. Tomorrow is possible, but it gets iffy to guarantee delivery by Saturday. (Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th.)

    We’d like to recommend these exquisite, hand-crafted balls of sugar from Chambre de Sucre.

    They are stunning with coffee or tea. Even if Mom doesn’t use sugar herself, guests will long remember being treated to them.

    This Sucre Rond (round sugar) is available in 36-piece and 42-piece boxes; square-shaped sugars are available as well.

  • See the details and order online.
  • Do you know your demerara from your muscovado? Check out the different types of sugar.

    Food as art: hand decorated sugars are a
    beautiful Mother’s Day gift. Photo courtesy
    Chambre de Sucre.




    TIP OF THE DAY: Rose Petal Recipes For Mother’s Day


    Use candied rose petals (shown above) or
    freeze-dried rose petals as an easy cake
    decoration. Photo courtesy Valerie
    Confections | Los Angeles.


    You can bake a stunning Mother’s Day cake without professional cake decorating skills. Do it with flowers!

    Just use fresh, candied or freeze-dried rose petals to decorate the sides of the cake. It will be stunning. (Crystallized rose petals are small and crunchy, and not appropriate for this type of decoration.)

    You’ll need 2-4 cups of rose petals, depending on the size of the cake (don’t tamp down the petals when measuring them or they’ll bruise).

    The only caveat is that you need to use organic rose petals. Flowers sprayed with pesticides should not be eaten.

  • Buy fresh organic roses at your nearest organic florist or food store.
  • Freeze-dried rose petals are ready-to-use and much more affordable. You can purchase them at baking supplies stores and online.
  • Make candied rose petals with the recipe below:

    Recipe For Candied Rose Petals

    1. Separate 3 eggs; reserve yolks for another purpose.*
    2. Whisk the egg whites in small bowl until white and foamy.
    3. Brush egg whites on both size of rose petals with a pastry brush. Sprinkle with superfine sugar.
    4. Dry on a nonstick rack overnight.

    For more of a rose effect, add a teaspoon of rosewater to the cake batter or frosting.

    More rose petal recipe ideas.

    *Things To Do With 3 Egg Yolks: Pastry cream—used for éclairs—is delicious with fresh fruit; French custard ice cream; baked custard; crème brûlée; from-scratch chocolate pudding. For savory uses, make Béchamel, Bearnaise or Hollandaise sauces; mayonnaise; thicken soups and/or make Greek avgolemono soup.


    MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA: Decorated Shortbread Cookies

    Send sweet “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes with this collection of heart and flower cookies from Fancypants Bakery, maker of THE NIBBLE’s favorite decorated cookie gifts.

    Why are Fancypants cookies different from other decorated cookies?

    These are top-quality shortbread, not dry sugar cookies. You can taste the buttery goodness in each bite.

    The cookies are made with all natural ingredients, including enriched wheat flour, butter, pure cane sugar, eggs, vanilla and cream of tartar. Coloring is used only in the decorator’s icing.

    And the icing is delicious, too. Having tasted our way through cookies topped with too-sweet and hard-as-cement icings, we know a winner when we find it.

  • Buy Mother’s Day cookies online.
  • Find more of our favorite Mother’s Day Gifts.
  • Read our full review of Fancypants Bakery.

    Say it with shortbread hearts and flowers
    for Mom. Photo courtesy Fancypants Bakery.




    MOTHER’S DAY: Beautiful Chocolate

    Hearts and flowers: Beautiful hand-painted
    chocolates from Anna Shea, available at


    Mother’s Day? It isn’t even Easter yet.

    True, but Mother’s Day falls a scant two weeks after Easter. You need a gift strategy.

    As far as gourmet chocolate goes, Anna Shea creates chocolate “haute couture”: beautiful, artisan-crafted and hand-decorated chocolate designs.

    This may be the best-looking box of chocolates we’ve ever seen. And beyond impeccable appearances, each piece is delectable.

    Each jewel-like chocolate is handmade and then hand-painted (that’s edible paint, of course) with a design that evokes the flavor of the delicious ganache inside.

    If Mom loves a box of fine chocolate, she’ll be delighted to receive a box of Anna Shea chocolates—whether for Mother’s Day, as a thank-you for Easter dinner or for no occasion in particular.

  • Purchase a box.
  •, created in response to the many requests we get from readers for gift recommendations, has just launched. It includes our favorite gift items—something for everyone, from $15.00 and up.

  • We’re adding new products regularly, so if you don’t see what you want, sign up for Alerts on the website and you’ll be sure to get the 411 when there’s something new.
  • Also use the feedback device to let us know what you’d like to see more of—and to share any other comments and suggestions.


    MOTHER’S DAY: Chocolate Shoes

    With chocolate shoes, one size fits all.
    Photo courtesy


    OMG, we just discovered these adorable chocolate shoes from Woodhouse Chocolate, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

    The solid handmade chocolate shoes are skillfully hand-decorated. Chanel would approve. And at $20/pair, they’re a lot more affordable than her shoes.

    The shoes are available in dark, milk and white chocolate (which is colored pink for spring fashion).

    If you call today, you can still get chocolate shoes by 2-day air for Mother’s Day: 1.800.966.3468.

  • Find more of our favorite specialty chocolates.
  • Comments

    RECIPE: Corn Muffins With Chocolate Butter

    What’s better than fresh corn muffins, warm from the oven?

    It’s easy to bake a batch for Mother’s Day (or any day!). If Mom is a chocolate lover, serve them with chocolate butter.

  • Take a look at the recipe for corn muffins and chocolate butter, from Woodhouse Chocolate.
  • Go all-chocolate with this recipe for chocolate muffins, from chocolatier Michael Recchiuti.
  • Both chocolatiers are NIBBLE Top Picks Of The Week.


    Bake ‘em, don’t buy ‘em. Photo © Anton Prado | Fotolia.


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