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Archive for Father’s Day

FATHER’S DAY: Special Chocolates For Dad

Men don’t tend to swoon over boxes of pretty artisan chocolates. They’re more likely to dig into a chocolate bar.

But how about a chocolate cigar?

Woodhouse Chocolate (a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week) fills milk chocolate cigars with chocolate ganache—flavored with single malt Scotch! And yes, you can “smoke” it along with a glass of Scotch.

Find more of our Father’s Day chocolate gifts, including real chocolate sprinkles (jimmies) made by one of the world’s greatest chocolate producers, Guittard.


Chocolate cigars filled with Scotch-infused
ganache. Photo courtesy Woodhouse Chocolate.


FATHER’S DAY: Gourmet Food Gifts

Dee Dee’s Gourmet Cheese Straws are
great with a beer. Photo by Hannah
Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.


While and this blog are filled with gourmet food ideas, we’ve picked a few interesting and affordable gift ideas for Father’s Day:

• Spicy cheese straws from Dee Dee’s Gourmet, in a reusable gift tin

• Lucero artisan olive oil, made by a grandfather, father and son team in California

• Beautiful heirloom beans from California’s Rancho Gordo, for dads who like to cook

• Porto Mangiare Meatball Mix, for dads who cook a little bit—it makes delicious beef or turkey meatballs (there’s a gluten-free version, too)

And more!

See the tasty choices.


FATHER’S DAY: Gift Of The Month Club

Gift-of-the-month clubs are the gifts that keep on giving. Every month, for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, the recipient gets another treat.

Food gift-of-the-month clubs abound, from cheese, chocolate, coffee and cookies to bacon and hot sauce.

For Father’s Day, we sampled three “club” gifts that we’d be happy to receive:

• Jerky Of The Month

• Microwbrewed Beer Of The Month

• Olive Oil Of The Month

The selections are top-quality and left us wanting more. Learn more about them.


Give a monthly gift of top-quality olive oils from
around the world. Photo by Melody Lan | THE NIBBLE.


FATHER’S DAY: Favorite Bacon Gifts

If Dad is bacon-centric, check out our list of bacon gifts.

Sure, there’s a pricey bacon-of-the-month club, but you can put together a basket of affordable favorites like Baconnaise bacon-flavored mayonnaise and bacon chocolate.

If Dad isn’t into bacon, check out our other Father’s Day gift ideas.

And check out our original recipe for bacon jam.

Tangy and smoky with a touch of sweet balsamic vinegar, it’s a cause for celebration on any day, but a memorable treat for Father’s Day.

How Well Do You Know Your Pork Products?

Check out our delicious Pork Glossary.


The new bacon and eggs: chocolate eggs
filled with bacon caramel. Photo courtesy
Vosges Haut Chocolat.




TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle

Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England under Queen Elizabeth I, was an author, lawyer, jurist, philosopher and scientist. But he most likely never had bacon peanut brittle. If he had, it would have become as popular as English toffee.

In his honor, two baconeers from Atlanta are making Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle.

The brittle is produced in small batches in copper kettles. Buttery, salty, smoky and crunchy, this all-natural confection will find fans among everyone who likes bacon.

The sweetness is kept at a sensible level, so there’s no “cloy factor.” The chocolate bacon brittle is a kind of yummy bacon buttercrunch.

The packaging looks like it could come from the 17th century—except for the pig snout mask that Sir Francis sports.

What wine to serve with bacon brittle? Champagne!

Send Sir Francis Bacon Brittle to dads, grads and bacon lovers everywhere.

• Read the full review.

• Find more of our favorite candy in our Gourmet Candy Section.


Recipients will squeal after their first bite of
bacon brittle. Photo by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.


FATHER’S DAY: Single Malt Scotch

One of our favorite single malts is Bowmore,
but not everyone likes the peaty Islay
style. Photo courtesy Laphroaig.


When it’s time to buy a single malt Scotch, we generally call Park Avenue Liquor Shop, which hosts one of the largest retail collections of single malt whiskies in the country—339 selections (they can send you the full list)!

No matter how much you think you know, you can use a consultation with a single malt expert. Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide To Single Malt Scotch covers some 800 single malts (by the way, pairing the book with a bottle is a great idea). So were do you begin?

We begin by asking someone who’s had almost as many single malts as Michael Jackson. Park Avenue’s proprietor Jonathan Goldstein, a single malt expert and a Keeper of the Quaich,* offers this advice:

1. Like? First, does Dad even like Scotch? Have you seen him drink it before? You would be surprised how many people come in, notes Goldstein, and ask for a single malt because their father drinks Wild Turkey—which is a Bourbon! Ignorance is no reason for embarrassment, but it is a reason to consult a professional who wants to help you make the right choice.

*Quaich is pronounced kwaych with a gutteral “ch,” as in the Scottish loch or German ach and ich. The traditional shallow-bowl drinking vessel of Scotland, which has two or three handles, dates to the Druids. At parties and clan gatherings, large quaichs filled with whiskey were passed from person to person.


2. Brands? Do you know what brands of Scotch Dad drinks? Maybe he’s not even a single malt guy—the best-selling brands are blended Scotches. Your input will help your consultant determine what area(s) of Scotland to suggest for a single malt. A peaty Islay whisky like Bowmore is very different from a Speyside whisky like Balvenie, which has citrus and sherry flavors. The names of even a few of the labels on Dad’s shelf will help greatly. And if you know what he doesn’t like, that’s almost as important.

3. Budget? How much are you willing to spend and how many bottles do you want for your money. Do you want one super bottle? Do you want a variety of bottles so Dad has a “collection” to compare and contrast? Your expert should be able to find excellent choices in all price ranges, and knows about special new releases.

4. Collector? Is Dad a serious collector of single malts? Many distilleries create investment-worthy bottles (a recent bottling of The Macallan, a 57-year-old single malt Scotch in Lalique Crystal, retails for $19,100). An alternative for collectors are “exclusive” bottlings, handled by a few specialist shops. Park Avenue’s exclusives start at $67.

• For single malt help, call Park Avenue Liquor Shop at 1.212.685.2442.

• To learn how whiskeys differ (Bourbon, Canadian, Irish, Scotch, Tennessee, etc.) and beef up your whiskey terminology, see our Whiskey Glossary.



FATHER’S DAY: Baseball Cookie Gift & A Discount

Buy me some shortbread and Crackerjack.
Photo courtesy


For years, Cooperstown Cookie Company, located near the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, has been making people happy with delicious shortbread.

The shortbread is shaped like baseballs, of course! As the company says, it’s the best baseball you ever ate.

Shortbread cookies and mini “bunts” are available in tubes, tins, tins commemorating one’s favorite MLB team and collectible “stadium tins” showing Camden Yard, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and the original Yankee Stadium.

See the entire line at Use discount code 5OFF50 to save $5.00 on orders of $50.00 or more.

The only caveat: Get the large size, because these shortbread cookies will disappear faster than a hit out of the park. See the full review.

• See more of our favorite Father’s Day gifts.

• See reviews of our favorite cookies.



As we write this, we’re enjoying our fifth flavor of swirly buns from Just Buns, a homey family business that aims to provide Americans with a better breakfast pastry (using Mama’s decades-old swirly bun recipe).

Send a box of the handmade, all-natural buns as a gift. Unlike the ginormous Cinnabon, here’s a more elegant bun that eschews the cloying icing and is just sweet enough for breakfast.

Each swirly bun is shrink-wrapped for freshness. Five days later, they’re still moist and soft—we don’t even need to give them a quick nudge in the microwave.

The menu lists 25 flavors, from Nutella and Peanut Butter and Chocolate (or Peanut Butter and Jelly) to savory varieties, such as Garlic & Parmesan and Onion & Parmesan. So far we’ve tried Almond, Blueberry, Black & White (dark and white chocolate), Chocolate, Cinnamon & Brown Sugar (the most popular flavor), and Toffee.


Send someone a swirly bun treat. Photo

In addition to the Cinnamon, we’ve become a devoted fan of the Chocolate and Black & White varieties—a superior substitute for pain au chocolate that has all of the chocolate without the flaky crumb cascade of a croissant. Marzipan lovers will like the Almond variety—really almond marzipan, with a generous marzipan filling.

Now we’ve got to go back for more: the two Peanut Butter flavors, Raspberry, Chocolate Coconut and the two savory swirlies. We keep them in the freezer and restore them to swirly goodness in the microwave (20 seconds).

E-commerce is not yet up and running, so you can phone in an order or leave your request via the Contact Us form on the website.

Or, better yet, enter to win a dozen of the swirly buns in this week’s Gourmet Giveaway contest.

  • To Enter This Gourmet Giveaway: Go to the box at the bottom of our Gourmet Pies & Pastry Section and enter your email address for the prize drawing. This contest closes on Monday, June 14th at noon, Eastern Time. Good luck!
  • Learn more about breads in our Bread Glossary, and check out the breakfast pastries and other baked goodies in our Pie & Pastry Glossary.
  • Comments

    FATHER’S DAY: Wellness Mats For Comfort

    No more aching legs: It’s like
    standing on pillows! Photo courtesy


    If Dad has a hobby (or job) that keeps him on his feet, he may deem a WellnessMat to be the best gift he’s ever received.

    Ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort, safety and relief, anti-fatigue WellnessMats are the most cushy and comfortable mats (or flooring of any kind) that we’ve ever stood upon. The non-skid mat is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and is a godsend for people with aching legs and feet.

    WellnessMats are not inexpensive ($119.95 and up, depending on size) but they’re worth every nickel. We have the Maxum mat in THE NIBBLE’s test kitchen, and it’s the difference between standing on hard tile and standing on pillows.

    Learn more at and spread the word to anyone who has ever said, “My legs hurt.”

    See more of our favorite Father’s Day gifts.


    FATHER’S DAY: Kitchen Gifts

    With an 18-day countdown to Father’s Day, take a moment to peruse our Father’s Day gift list.

    We picked special items in six different categories. Today, take a look at the kitchenware—everything from an $8.00 coffee bean ice cube tray to the beautiful Nespresso CitiZ Coffee & Espresso Maker for $349.00.

    If Dad loves waffles, the Waring Pro Professional Double Belgian Waffle Maker is a dream ($99.99).

    Garlic-loving Dads will be tickled pink with the electric garlic roaster from Roasted Garlic Express ($29.99).

    See these and more Father’s Day gifts.


    Does Dad love delicious roasted garlic? Package
    the gift with some garlic bulbs. Photo courtesy Roasted Garlic Express.


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