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FOOD HOLIDAY: National Taco Day

Lorena Garcia's New Taco Classics

Mexican food lovers who like to cook should pick up a copy of Chef Garcia’s book. You can read an excerpt of it at Google Books.


On October 4th, National Taco Day, you can:

  • Buy some tacos.
  • Make some tacos.
  • Expand your taco horizons with a book on tacos.
    In Lorena Garcia’s New Taco Classics, the Latin American chef covers approaches to tacos and other street foods of her native region: arepa, empanadas, tamales.

    “While I take inspiration from classic renditions of favorite Latin American dishes,” says Chef Garcia, “I make them my own by experimenting with savory and sweet notes, with contrasting elements, with flavors that brazenly cross culinary and geographical borders.”

    She inspires you to think outside the taco shell—and inside, too.

    You can see a partial galley of the book here.

    Here’s the history of the taco—invented by silver miners in the 18th century—plus THE NIBBLE’s own suggestions for thinking outside the shell.



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