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Archive for May 1, 2014

FOOD FUN: Chocolate Fried Egg

What would you do with a chocolate fried egg?

Serve it for breakfast, with a cup of hot chocolate?

Give it as stocking stuffer or Mother’s Day party favor?

Enjoy it all by yourself?

Whatever your choice, this little treat from Maggie Louise Confections is sure to please.

The chocolatier notes:

“The Cordelia is a chocolate dream dish. A fried egg in a pan has turned into a chocolate skillet made with El Rey 58.5% dark chocolate, filled with hand-crafted vanilla rice crispy treats and salted caramel, then topped with an El Rey Icoa white chocolate egg.”



A chocolate fried egg in its own skillet. A perfect breakfast for chocoholics. Photo courtesy Maggie Louise.


It’s the Maggie Louise version of a candy bar. Hey, we’ll take a dozen!

(At second thought, at $14 each, we’ll take two.)


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TIP OF THE DAY: Make Flower Ice Cubes


Put edible flowers in your ice cubes. Photo
courtesy Chandon USA.


For Mother’s Day, spring and summer entertaining, parties, showers and Valentine’s Day, make your drinks stand out with flower ice cubes.

It couldn’t be easier: Just place edible blossoms in an ice cube tray, fill and freeze. Use the floral ice cubes in cocktails or soft drinks.

Not all flowers are edible; many will upset your stomach (or worse). But there are quite a few to choose from. Here’s a list of edible flowers.

Flowers have been eaten since before Egyptian times. Here’s more about edible flowers.

Want to grow your own? Sure, but be sure to grow the flowers with no chemical pesticides. More about growing edible flowers.



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TRENDS: What’s New In Barbecue

Spell it barbecue, barbeque or the short form BBQ, May first is the start of the May-September peak outdoor cooking season. Not surprisingly, it’s National Barbecue Month.

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), nearly 14 million grills and smokers were shipped in 2013. This year’s industry expo, held in March, displayed more innovative grills, smokers and outdoor living products to tempt gung-ho grillers.

Here are the 2014 barbecue trends:

  • Wood pellets are on the rise. Made from compressed sawdust, wood pellets are heating up grills and smokers across the country. An all-natural product, wood pellets produce a strong, slow-burning source of heat that gives a unique smoky flavor to foods. This year, new wood pellet grills and smokers are making it easier to cook outdoors no matter what time of year. Wood pellets grills and smokers use a variety of pellet forms to create different smoky tastes, all with a simple and easy cleanup process.


    Grilled flank steak quesadillas. Photo courtesy Kingsford Charcoal. Here’s the recipe.


  • Grills and smokers are more portable. Whether for tailgating, campsites or cooking on the beach, manufacturers have made it easier to take the party anywhere. The new, lightweight grills and smokers are easily collapsible and portable, with all-terrain features that make it simple to cook and smoke foods on-the-go.

    Grill your pizza. Here’s the recipe. Photo

  • Outdoor ovens. Innovations in outdoor gas and wood-fired ovens make it easier to cook anything you can make on the inside. Use your outdoor oven for baked desserts, pizza and roasted (as opposed to grilled) vegetables. Outdoor ovens also provide an extra cooking space during the holidays and other special occasions.
  • Organized accessories. When entertaining outdoors, it’s important to have everything you need right at your fingertips. New innovations such as countertops with drawer storage and drink coolers make it easy to party outside. With full sinks, refrigerators and lighting, you can be equipped outdoors with all the amenities of your indoor kitchen.

    Beyond proteins and veggies, have you grilled bread, desserts, pizza and quesadillas?

    Get yourself a barbecue recipe book, like The Barbecue! Bible, which has more than 500 recipes.

    Or, check out blogs like 100 Things To Barbecue.



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