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GIFT: Sriracha Candy Canes

When Santa comes down your chimney, leave him something more interesting than cookies and milk.

Warm up his—and your—taste buds with J&D’s Sriracha Candy Canes. Sriracha, the popular Thai hot sauce has been used to create a fiery candy cane for those who like heat with their sweet.

Give a box to heat-loving friends, serve them crushed over ice cream or hot chocolate, or use them as as a spicy-sweet holiday cocktail stirrer.

Each box has 12 individually wrapped sriracha candy canes, $7.99 at

They’re made by J&D Foods, the people who brought you bacon salt and our beloved Baconaise (which you can also purchase on the website).


Sweet and hot: sriracha candy canes. Photo
courtesy J&D Foods.



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