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TIP OF THE DAY: Add Color To Thanksgiving

Surround beige foods with colorful garnishes.
Photo courtesy iGourmet.


Thanksgiving can be a pretty brown-and-beige affair: turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, biscuits, pumpkin and pecan pies. Only cranberry sauce and vegetables such as brussels sprouts and green beans add a splash of color. Sweet potatoes are a vibrant orange, but not every family serves them.

Think ahead, and you can add a splash of color to every course, whether as an individual food garnish or plate/platter decoration:

  • Green: baby artichokes, herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, sage), grapes, sugar snap peas
  • Orange: bell pepper strips, carrots (baby carrots, sliced carrots), kumquats, grape tomatoes, orange wedges and peel
  • Purple: grapes, Peruvian potatoes
  • Red: bell pepper strips, cranberries, cherry tomatoes, figs, grapes/champagne grapes, grape tomatoes, lady apples, mini red jacket potatoes, pomegranate arils, radicchio, radishes, red onion
  • Yellow: bell pepper strips, lemon wedges and peel, miniature pattypan squash, star fruit (carambola)
    You can also find seasonal specialty items, like red walnuts and red scallions.

    Do you have a favorite garnish? Let us know.


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