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FOOD FUN: Smoking Blood Orange Mimosa Recipe

We love Mimosas. We love blood oranges.

So when this recipe arrived for a Bloody Mimosa, we thought: This is it for Halloween. Not only does the “bloody” orange juice make a much better-looking Mimosa; a few chips of dry ice give the drink a spooky smoking effect.

The original recipe, from Mionetto “IL” Prosecco:



  • Blood orange juice
  • Prosecco or other sparkling wine
  • Dry Ice

    1. FILL a flute or other glass halfway with the sparkling (tip: to conserve the bubbles, tilt the glass as you add the wine). Slowly add the juice.

    2. SHAVE off several small chips of dry ice, using an ice pick or sharp knife. Add just enough to start the smoke effect. Serve immediately.


    Bloody Orange Mimosa cocktail, with a color perfect for harvest season. Photo courtesy The Chubby Spoon.



    Make it smoke with dry ice chips. Photo
    courtesy Mionetto.


    Charmed by the concept, we did some investigation and found another smoking Mimosa recipe on The recipe advises: “When you consider half of the drink is made from juice, you’ll want fresh squeezed. Don’t use juice from a carton. Fresh squeezed juice is lighter, prettier, and more delicate.”

    Of course, if you can’t find blood oranges, default to the carton.

    Here’s the full recipe, along with more tips to make the perfect Blood Orange Mimosa recipe.

    More about blood oranges.



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