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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Foie Gras Cubes, Bargain Foie Gras

If you’re a fan of seared foie gras: Why pay a restaurant a $20 supplement for one little piece when you can buy an entire pound for $30.99 and sear it at home in a minute?

Our Top Pick Of The Week is bargain foie gras: $30.99 a pound for the trimmings of the lobe, called foie gras cubes. The whole lobe, or for pre-sliced scallops, is almost double that.

The cubes are available from foie gras specialist D’artagnan.

While foie gras may seem exotic, cooking it couldn’t be easier. Just season with salt and pepper and place in a hot pan for a minute. The biggest task is deciding how to serve it.

In general, sweet or sweet-and-sour items pair best with the richness of seared foie gras:

  • Sauteed fruit, from apples to citrus to mango
  • Chutney, compote, jam or wine jelly
  • Sweet sauce: balsamic reduction, honey-vinegar sauce (for the simplest solution, heat tart cherry or fig jam with balsamic or sherry vinegar) or a gastrique

    Affordable foie gras you can enjoy more often. Photo courtesy Chef Scott Conant.


    Foie gras should be enjoyed with a sweet white wine. Sauternes is the ideal match, but a late harvest Gewürtztraminer or Riesling can be equally wonderful.

    Read the full review, and decide what you’re going to serve with your cubes.


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