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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Honey Goat Cheese

At a recent trade show, we tasted hundreds and hundreds of products. Our favorite was honey goat cheese.

Fresh goat cheese logs and tubs of honey goat cheese spread are available in supermarkets nationwide. Producers from Coach Farms to Montchevre make it.

While these products mix honey into the milk during the production process, you can create your own variation at home. Just drizzle honey over a conventional log of goat cheese.

It’s simply delicious at breakfast, lunch, dinner and for dessert. It’s special for entertaining. It’s a winner.

Read the full review to see why we’re in love with honey goat cheese, where to find it and how to serve it.

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    You can buy goat cheese already mixed with honey, or drizzle honey over regular goat cheese. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.



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