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FOOD FUN: Pink Pearl Apples

Like a purple cow, most people have never seen a Pink Pearl apple. The difference is that Pink Pearls exist.

The Pink Pearl apple is an apple cultivar developed in 1944 from Surprise, another red-fleshed apple, by Albert Etter, a northern California breeder. It has distinctive pink flesh beneath translucent, pearly yellow skin. As with blood oranges, the skin can develop a pink blush.

Pink Pearls are harvested in August through mid-September, and don’t last long in storage; they’re a summer apple. Check at farmers markets to see if you can find them; or grow your own: Buy a tree from

The crisp flesh is tart to sweet-tart. Enjoy them as a hand fruit bake them, especially in tarts where their pink color will be a standout.


Pink Pearl apples have a yellow skin and rosy flesh. Photo courtesy Comfort And Joy.



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