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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Beanitos Bean Chips, Restaurant Style

New restaurant style Beanitos are bean chips
that look and taste like tortilla chips. Photo
by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.


The chip choices in America are vast. We’ve got bagel chips, beet chips, cassava chips, chickpea chips (hummus chips and falafel chips), corn chips/tortilla chips, lentil chips ([apadums), lotus root chips, pita chips, plantain chips, potato chips, rice chips, salba (chia) chips, taro chips and other grain and veggie chips.

Not to mention bean chips, a relative newcomer that’s packed full of bean fiber and protein.

We’ve tried different brands, but our favorite by far is Beanitos. The newest flavor, and our Top Pick Of The Week, is Restaurant Style Beanitos.

Unlike the rest of the line, which has rich bean flavor, Restaurant Style Beanitos look and taste like restaurant-style tortilla chips.

Why make bean chips that taste like tortilla chips?

It’s a super-popular flavor, and bean chips pack more fiber and protein. If you want deep bean flavor, check out the other flavors at

Read the full Beanitos review.




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