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TIP OF THE DAY: Sweets For People Who Don’t Like Chocolate

Still wondering what to get your non-chocolate-loving Valentine? Here are five delectable options:

1. VALENTINE COOKIES. We love classic Linzer cookies, filled with raspberry jam. And big iced cookies are always fun. We picked up the cookies in the photo from Broadway Bakery, an artisan baker in New York City that uses lots of top-quality butter. It makes a big difference in the fine flavor of cookies. If you want the best iced cookie, ask if it’s shortbread (good) or a sugar cookie (less good).

2. BLONDIES. Blondies, “blonde” brownies, are made without chocolate, although some have chocolate chips. Other non-chocolate bar cookies (brownies and blondies are classified as cookies, not cake, because they are finger food) include lemon bars spice bars. Buy an assortment, or show the extent of your love by baking them yourself.

3. CARAMELS. Many caramels these days are dipped in chocolate. But you can find wonderful uncoated caramels from salt caramels to coffee, passionfruit and other flavored caramels. We are addicted to the habanero caramels from Cowgirl Chocolates: They’re sweet and sizzling at the same time. Head to your nearest fine candy shop to check out the selection.


Iced shortbread hearts and Linzer cookies are a delicious way to enjoy Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.


Even more fun than candy: valentine
cupcakes. Photo courtesy Sprinkles


4. CUPCAKES. Look for Valentine-decorated cupcakes or buy plain ones and decorate them yourself. It’s easy to pick up heart-shaped Valentine candies. Or, use colored marzipan or fondant to make your own Valentine decorations: hugs and kisses (XOXO) or the initials of you and your sweetie.

5. ROSÉ CHAMPAGNE. Champagne is a universally celebrated gift, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Thursday. For Valentine’s Day, make it that much more special by selecting a rosé Champagne, with a pink tinge and a more luscious flavor.

Then, you could buy or bake a heart-shaped Valentine cake in your Valentine’s favorite flavors. But it’s easy to keep the day sweet—and non-chocolaty—with the list above.



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