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TIP OF THE DAY: Christmas Candy Sampler

Still looking for holiday gifts? Candy is typically a safe bet: If the recipient doesn’t want to eat it all, he or she can serve it to guests.

We like this charming candy globe from Williams-Sonoma:

The six-inch-diameter, reusable papier-mâché globe is filled with 10.9 ounces of classic holiday favorites: a milk-chocolate Santa, cinnamon gummy Santas, red-and-white peppermint twists and a medley of sweet jelly beans and sour gummy stars.

The treats are beloved by kids and adults alike.

If you want to create your own nostalgic candy gift, look for a papier-mâché box or other reusable packaging and head to the candy store to make your selection.


A charming reusable container filled with sure-to-disappear-quickly candies. Photo courtesy Williams-Sonoma.



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