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GIFT: Cupcake Of The Month Club

What we want for Christmas: Yummy Cupcake’s Cupcake Of The Month Club. Photo by GG Merkel | THE NIBBLE.


At the top of our favorite cupcakes list are Yummy Cupcakes, a Los Angeles bakery that we‘re lucky hasn’t opened up down the block from us. Otherwise, we’d be creating a new 12-step program: Cupcake Addicts Anonymous.

If you can’t pop in to the L.A. stores, they’ll mail Cupcakes in a Jar—a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week—that are even better than cupcakes in a paper wrapper.

Cupcakes in a Jar are hand-crafted cupcakes in a glass Mason jar, sliced and layered with fresh fillings, whipped frostings, ganache and a selection of scrumptious toppings.

The reusable jars keep the moisture in, and the jar cupcakes, which have much more frosting than convention cupcakes, stay fresh for a week. You can have just a nibble a day, or more.


Six- or 12-month memberships are available for $21 to $24 monthly, plus shipping. The lucky giftee will receive a four-flavor assortment, a rotating mix of classic and seasonal specialty flavors.

Order yours at



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