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TIP OF THE DAY: Low Calorie Egg Nog

With all of the holiday advice on how not to overeat, we haven’t heard one word about avoiding the most caloric food of the season: egg nog.

Delicious and addictive (you can’t help but want another cup…and another), there’s a good reason to steer clear of the egg nog bowl: the calories.

Our survey of five supermarket brands showed 190 to 230 calories per tiny four ounce portion. That’s without the rum and brandy, not to mention the vanilla ice cream added to many party egg nog recipes. Have a cup or two and you can easily consume 1000 calories.

So, you might want to taste just a spoonful (or none at all) of the real thing, and celebrate with one of our four diet egg nog recipes.

Diet egg nog is not the same richer-than-rich experience; but it’s a the first step toward a new years’ resolution to eat a healthier diet!


Egg nog: one of the most caloric foods on earth. Photo courtesy AllEggWhites.com.


Tomorrow: Egg nog recipes with lots of calories.

Until then, here’s the history of egg nog.


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