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TIP OF THE DAY: Homemade Poultry Seasoning

What’s in poultry seasoning? What can you substitute for poultry seasoning? What’s the correct recipe?

We’ve gotten this question more than a few times. The answer is really simple:

Make homemade poultry seasoning from the dried herbs you already have on the shelf. You don’t need to buy pre-blended poultry seasoning.

Premixed poultry seasoning is one of those convenience spices that has emerged in the last few decades. What did Grandma and Great-Grandma use?

A mix of rosemary thyme, sage, salt and pepper. McCormick’s poultry seasoning makes things a bit more interesting by adding marjoram (a basil relative) and nutmeg.


This yummy roasted chicken uses rosemary and thyme. Get the recipe. Photo courtesy McCormick.


Bell’s Seasoning, popular for use on poultry, is a mix of ginger, marjoram, oregano, pepper, rosemary, sage and thyme.

You can follow McCormick’s ingredients and add your own notes of interest, from chili and cilantro to parsley and tarragon. There is no one “right” recipe for poultry seasoning.

If you only have two herbs, that’s enough, as shown in this delicious roast rosemary chicken recipe that uses rosemary, thyme and seasoned salt.

So the next time you need to season poultry, peruse your options and simply shake them onto that bird!

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